Driving in northern Nevada has become a dangerous endeavor. It does not matter if you are driving a truck or not. I-80 has become one of the most horrific freeways to use in America according to KTVN. There has already been 19 fatal incidents this year on I-80 alone. That number tops last year’s number of 18 and 2013’s number of only 6.

Flipped his truck

In the middle of August, a 21 year old man from Yerington was killed when his truck, his Suzuki Sidekick, rolled over and slid across the dirt median on the inside part of the freeway. His name was Jessie McCool and yes he was wearing his seat belt. NHP Captain Stephanie O’Rourke said, “Traffic accidents are the most violent things you can imagine.” McCool has probably already been making some Reno, NV truck accident lawyer phone calls. He only has to make one phone call if he was cognizant of this eternal and majestic legal website USAttorneys.com. There are some dedicated and established truck accident lawyers on this site.

The month of August is particularly bad since more people our out and about enjoying their freedom, traveling, and camping. There are many RVs, SUVs, trucks of all kinds, travel trailers, motorcycles, and so on the road. This just exacerbates the situation. Families want to have some fun before the school season kicks in. NHP is planning on putting more officers on the road and trying to figure out how to manage this terrible situation.

Trailer flips south of Reno

In another situation but direction related to the story above, a trailer flipped on I-580 which is south of Reno. This crash happened close to Carson City. A truck was towing a camper trailer and the trailer flipped. No one really knows why. The driver did not have a definitive answer. This truck accident caused a cascading affect since it blocked the lane causing two other vehicles to collide with one another. The positive aspect about all this material carnage is no humans were injured.

You have to be very careful when pulling a trailer and Reno, NV truck accident attorneys know all about this. Many times they are on just two tires and a decent size bump can cause them to shoot upward. The wind can also push them over on their sides since they do not have the stability or a human operator really watching them.

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DUI crash

Moana Lane was blocked off by police where it intersects with I-580 according to KOLO TV. This looks like it was caused by a DUI. The reports were not clear if this was a truck accident or not. This crash happened underneath the freeway overpass early in the morning around 3. The driver was not hurt terribly but his vehicle had seen better days. It appears the driver was driving too fast and turned improperly. He was not ready to negotiate this turn and ended up running into the pole.

This driver will be arrested and charged after the hospital clears him. The driver’s name was not put out but he knows who he is.

All drivers, not just truck drivers, have a slight reason to smile. If any one of them requires a temporary moving permit they can now use their laptops or desktops to make this happen. DMV has just initiated a new online service which should make the lives of a few people very happy. Anyone who has ever waited endlessly for that DMV line should feel grateful about this and this certainly includes Reno, NV truck accident lawyers.

Nevada state government discovers the Internet

MyDMV online system now has ten-day movement paperwork available for anyone that needs one. They can be printed by the car or truck’s owner if this vehicle is already in the computer database. Their registration should be active or not have been expired for more than a year in a half. Only $2 is the charge! It is about time government joins the 21st century. Nevada DMV should announce they thought of this idea before Al Gore claims it.