North Lauderdale Fire Rescue Truck Rear-Ends Tow Truck While Transporting High-Priority Patient




When you’re traveling down the road and you hear the blaring siren coming up from behind, is your first instinct to move your vehicle out of the way so that the emergency responder can pass? If you said yes, then you are just like Michael Seiden who happened to be towing a vehicle down State Road 7 when he heard the sirens of a fire rescue truck vehicle approaching from behind. While most vehicles are able to get out of the way in time for emergency personnel to pass, not always are they able to.

Unfortunately, the North Lauderdale Fire Rescue truck that was transporting a high-priority pediatric patient to the hospital hit the tow truck being driven by Seiden. Seiden works for AAA and he told Local 10 News that he had seen the firetruck in the distance through his rear-view mirror. When he merged to the right lane to allow the firetruck to pass, his vehicle was struck from behind. As a result of the truck accident, the child was then taken to Plantation Hospital in critical condition along with an adult. Two firefighters were also taken to Florida Medical Center where they were treated for the minor injuries they had sustained. The other two firefighters traveling in the truck at the time of the incident did not sustain any injuries.


How can I avoid an accident with emergency vehicles?


When we hear the sirens of a police officer, firefighter, or emergency responder’s vehicle, we often want to move out of the way, and do so fast. But, we have to remember that even though an emergency responder has the right of way no matter which direction they are coming from, caution must be exerted to avoid an accident with one of these vehicles. So, what can you do that will help prevent a collision from occurring? Below, we are providing you with some useful tips so that your next encounter with one of these vehicles is a safe one.


  1. When you hear the siren approaching from behind, slow down and check the traffic around you. Don’t pull over immediately as there could be a vehicle, pedestrian, or cyclist on either side of you. Instead, check for a clear opening on the side of you away from the emergency responder, put your signal on, and move your vehicle over. If you have to pull all the way off the road, get off on the right and wait until the coast is clear before you pull back into traffic.

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    Because emergency personnel is generally rushing to the scene of an accident, you need to be driving cautious and carefully to help prevent an accident from occurring with one of these vehicles.


  1. If the siren is approaching from the front, try and pull your vehicle over to the right side of the road and remain there until the emergency response vehicle has passed. It is important to get out of the way for these cars and trucks as sometimes they will drive up the wrong side of the road just so they can get to their call faster.


  1. If you approach an emergency responder that is pulled off to the side of the road, move your vehicle over and away from theirs. If you aren’t able to, slow your vehicle down and proceed past the emergency response vehicle with caution. Many times, emergency responders become injured in accidents simply because other drivers weren’t careful when driving around them.

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