Fatalities are common in motor vehicle accidents where a driver gets on a highway going the wrong way at a high rate of speed. 

A severe truck collision near Bismarck, North Dakota resulted in the death of one individual and several other injuries. 

State police find two pickup trucks destroyed and several hurt individuals

The North Dakota State Patrol initially responded to Interstate 94 Westbound on a Wednesday night around 6:30 pm. This area is approximately four miles away from the town of Menoken. 

A 49 year old male had apparently been driving a large Chevy pickup truck the wrong way on the road, going eastbound in the westbound lanes. He crashed his vehicle into a Ford pickup truck that had multiple passengers, including children aged 4, 6, and 8. 

The man driving the Chevy truck was pronounced dead by medical personnel at the scene as soon as they arrived. All of the occupants of the Ford truck, including the three children, were taken to a Bismarck area hospital to be treated. There were no specifics given about their conditions, but five total victims were hospitalized. All eastbound traffic on the highway was totally stopped for several hours while emergency workers responded to the area and cleared the scene. Police did not give any info about traffic citations or possible criminal charges. 

Dealing with the aftermath of a North Dakota truck accident 

You may have to deal with medical appointments and hospital bills, insurance claims, and repairs to a damaged vehicle. In some situations, injuries are severe enough that they can be life changing or deadly. The only way to get the amount of compensation necessary to deal with these serious issues is to speak with a lawyer who routinely deals with the situations and files civil cases that help victims. These cases allow the plaintiff’s attorney to argue for compensation from the defendant driver or business if a commercial vehicle was involved. 

What happens when the victim is not available to file the case?

If a victim is killed in an accident as in the news story above, their family members can stand in their place and file a wrongful death action. In most cases, it will need to be a spouse, child, or other party that was financially dependent on the victim. The damages available in the lawsuit can include their lost income and services, medical costs, and emotional pain related to the death of losing a family member. 

Get help from attorneys in your state

If you want to speak with a truck accident lawyer, it is possible to learn more about civil lawsuits in North Dakota and related issues that may be important for your case. You can talk with a legal professional who focuses on these kinds of incidents by using the directory on USAttorneys.com

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