winter car crashDel Rio, TX- Texas is one a nearly a dozen states that have increased speed limits on highways and interstates allowing motorists to top out at 85 mph. A moved motorists hailed, but a move that is also tied to commercial truck accidents. That is why the head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is urging swift implementation of speed limiters on the nation’s fleet of commercial trucks.

Mark Rosekind, administrator of the NHTSA, reacting to a recent study from his agency, said its time to outfit commercial trucks with speed limiters.

Some in the trucking industry alleged that manufacturing defects in commercial truck tires were causing drivers to lose control and crash. The tire blowouts hadn’t caused any fatalities, but the trucking industry, which pushed for the investigation, was getting ahead of the problem. The results of that study, released earlier this month, showed that failing truck tires are not the cause of manufacturing defects, but, as it turns out, are attributed to excessive speed.

According to the study, truck tires were manufactured to sustain maximum speeds of 75 mph or less. Driving on the tires at speeds above 75 mph for long period of times can cause them to overheat and fail, potentially causing a major truck crash.

States have had the authority to set their own speed limits since the mid-90s, and in recent years at least 14 states have seized on that authority raising speed limits to 75 and 80 mph. Texas has gone so far increase the speed limit on certain interstates to 85 mph. That is well within a state’s rights, the only problem is that none of these states consulted with tire manufacturers.

Rosekind floated some solutions prior to a safety speech in New York, the Spokesman-Review reported. One would be to ask states to reduce speed limits, but in Texas that might be an impossible task.  Another solution would be for the tire industry to redesign and manufacture tires for higher speeds. The tire industry, however, says they doubt that truck owners would be willing to purchase these higher-speed rated tires because of the increased cost.

So, Rosekind sees speed limiters, which keep trucks from exceeding 75 mph, as the most viable solution. There are already speed limiters on many of the nearly 2.5 million commercial trucks operating in the U.S., but regulations making them mandatory have been tied up in a bureaucratic quagmire for years. Rosekind thinks it’s time to change that and plans to ratchet up pressure to get speed limiters mandated.

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