Baton Rouge, LA- Trucking safety is an important issue and, although some important measures have been rolled back over the past year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is still working to prevent serious truck accidents.

Just this week the federal agency passed a new rule which they believe will prevent 1,759 truck accidents, 649 injuries and 49 deaths each year, according to Trucking Info.

The news rule will require heavy-duty commercial trucks (Class 7 and Class 8) operators to install electronic stability control systems to prevent rollover crashes. Buses and tractor trailers that weigh 26,001 to 33,000 lbs., which includes most tractor-trailers, must install these systems in their vehicles by 2017 to be in compliance with the new rules.

ESC systems help a driver control their vehicles when they encounter a problem. These systems can detect when a driver is unable to steer or brake immediately enough to avoid a truck accident. These systems help motorist minimize loss of control in emergency situations.

Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx said about the rule, “Requiring ESC on heavy trucks and large buses will bring that safety innovation to the largest vehicles on our highways, increasing safety for drivers and passengers of these vehicles and for all road users.”

Several heavy hitters in the trucking industry approve of the rule since they recognize the dangers rollover crashes pose for truck drivers.

According to Trucking Info, American Trucking Association President, Dave Osiecki said, “Last month, NHTSA reported to Congress that truck rollover and passenger ejection were the greatest threats to truck driver safety.” He added, “We can save lives by preventing rollovers with electronic stability control technology, and that’s a positive for our industry.”

There are many times when road conditions change or trucker driver makes error that leads to a major truck crash. Electronic stability control systems will help prevent some major truck crashes, but they won’t prevent them all, and thousands in Louisiana and beyond will be injured. Some truck accident victims face exorbitant medical costs, extensive recovery periods, and severe emotional distress so they need a devoted and experienced truck accident attorney located in Louisiana working on their personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Truck accidents are considerably different than passenger vehicle accidents so the cause or fault is not readily apparent. Or more than one party may have played a direct or indirect role in the collision. Victims who want to get maximum compensation need to hold all parties accountable. That is why truck accident victims are encourage to retain an injury attorney to investigate their accident and help them make hard decisions about their injury claim.

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