The Nevada Highway Patrol who had recently officially announced that they were going to start employing drones in order to record truck accident scenes did not expect that they would have gotten their first footage so soon when they documented the fatal crash of a hay truck in Elko, Nevada, as reported by

Drones are awesome! And the guy in The Good Wife who shot down a drone for simply flying over his home once a day was wrong and irrational.

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Nevada truck accident lawyers have welcomed the move to use drones since they can play a major role in establishing liability and as evidence.

The truck accident site has been mentioned in the auto accident reports as Interstate 80 which is approximately 4 miles to the east of Lovelock. According to eye witness statements, a large commercial hay truck which was hauling hay and had two trailers lost control, swerved into the median in a curve and finally ended up toppled onto its roof.

The driver has been identified as Leroy Avila who hailed from Ceres, California. The driver was declared dead at the scene of the accident by responding emergency medical technicians. According to auto accident investigators, preliminary investigation and the evidence thus uncovered suggests that the truck accident may have been caused due to driver fatigue or at least driver fatigue was one of the major factors that contributed to the accident.

An unmanned aerial vehicle or a UAV as it is more commonly known photographed the crash. Nevada in October became the first state in the country to begin this drone or UAV program. Certainly others will soon follow it.

As per Nevada truck accident attorneys, the UAV offer the same insight to the crash as a manned helicopter does to truck accident investigators and does it for a mere fraction of the cost.

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Drunken Truck Driver Drives Vehicle into Sparks Marina

As reported by, a man has been arrested and faces several charges for driving a truck into the Sparks Marina. 29 year old Rickey Hall Jr. of Las Vegas is said to have been driving under the influence of alcohol when he drove his vehicle straight into the water. The truck was submerged in the water but Hall managed to escape and was found out of the marina.

Police reports indicate that Hall was speeding and lost control of the truck. However, the exact cause of the crash is yet to be determined. While no one was injured in the truck accident, a front yard and a city park bench were damaged. In addition to DUI, the truck driver has been charged with failure to maintain a lane, and damage to property. A tow truck company was called in to remove the truck from the marina with help from Washoe County Search and Rescue.

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