A truck accident near Syracuse, New York resulted in the death of the vehicle’s driver while he was working. 

Rescue crews respond to find a truck that crashed into part of a bridge and one victim 

Police believe the incident happened when the trucker was driving a 2016 Volvo big rig northbound on Interstate 81, just south of Syracuse. The driver struck a bridge abutment while attempting to move into the left lane and pass another vehicle. Due to this impact, his vehicle also went over the guard rail and struck the Route 11 bridge overpass. The vehicle eventually flipped over onto the surface below. 

The New York State Police identified a 36 year old male from Amhurst as the driver. He was pronounced dead at the scene as soon as rescue crews arrived. Police said that a full investigation would be conducted to determine what initially caused the driver to lose control and strike the guard rail. Photos from the scene showed a vehicle using towing cables to remove the damaged frame of the truck cab from the area.

Lawsuits from truckers who are hurt or killed while driving 

A victim or their family can bring a lawsuit against the person responsible for the collision. In a situation like the news story above, the driver’s family may attempt to sue his employer for dangerous working conditions or other problems. In other situations involving multiple vehicles, the driver at fault will normally be the defendant in the lawsuit. The economic damages for the lawsuit can include funeral expenses, burial, lost income and wages, medical and hospital treatment. There may also be non-economic damages for trauma, mental pain, and emotional problems related to the collision. In severe cases, a judge may award punitive damages to punish a defendant for reckless conduct. 

Lawsuits when the trucking business is at fault

In all civil lawsuits involving a truck that is used for commercial purposes, the business that owns the truck will have to pay out any damages to a victim or their family. There are tort law doctrines that make employers strictly liable for the actions of their employees while they are at work. This is done to ensure responsibility all compliance with all regulations by companies that engage in a certain line of business, by making them financially responsible for any serious mistakes made by their workers.  

Talk with a truck crash attorney

There are attorneys who focus on lawsuits related to all kinds of truck accident cases throughout New York State. It is possible to schedule a consultation to learn about your rights and the possibility of bringing a case against the person or business responsible for your injuries. To learn more, use the listings on USAttorneys.com

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