Highways are where most truck accidents happen, and this setting can also be disastrous because of the high speeds and density of vehicles on large highway roads.

The Albuquerque, New Mexico area experienced two truck accidents in the same day.

Interstate 40 is the scene of two collisions in a day

Local news reported that police responded to the area of Interstate Highway 40 at the Coors and Unser exits. A semi truck hauling a trailer hit a car from behind and then caught on fire shortly afterward. The impact pushed the Toyota Prius into the median, and the truck driver lost control and went in the opposite direction striking a concrete wall and a light pole. The New Mexico Police were on the scene to assist with the aftermath of the collision. 

Another accident happened right near the Route 66 casino on Interstate 40. The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office said that they had few details about this second accident at the time of the news report.

A total of three people were confirmed dead between the two accidents. One driver who witnessed the first accident said he stopped to pay his respects to the victims. He was visibly shaken and disturbed from what he had seen in the area. 

Regulations that attempt to make the roads safer

Because long hours of highway driving are very dangerous, truck drivers are regulated in terms of the number of hours they can drive without taking a break or within the same day. Violations of these regulations can include fines and other sanctions. This is one of the reasons why commercial driver’s licenses are more highly regulated than other driver’s licenses. 

It is also possible that these violations may be presented as evidence of negligence in a civil lawsuit. Any violation of a driving regulation or traffic law can be favorable to the plaintiff, as this can help show that the defendant breached the normal duty of care required on the roads. While this does not necessarily decide the outcome of the case, it can be an important piece of evidence. 

Cases brought against negligent truck drivers

If a driver who works for a trucking business is found to be at fault for the accident, both the employer and the individual driver may be attached as defendants in a civil lawsuit. In some cases the trucking business may have insurance that will help them cover losses paid out to the victim. This is common for companies that manage fleets of vehicles, and they may pay a large premium for high risk driver’s insurance. 

Speak with an accident attorney in your area

There are lawyers in Albuquerque and nearby parts of New Mexico who focus on assisting victims of truck accidents. To get more information, speak with a lawyer by using the listings on USAttorneys.com

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