Las Vegas, NV – One of the ways that the likelihood of accidents is reduced is when drivers follow all safety regulations and rules related to operating vehicles on the roads. Regulations for truckers are even more extensive, due to the amount of property damage that may occur when a large semi truck is involved in a collision. When a crash and injuries do happen, the trucking company may be fined or sanctioned if they are not in full compliance with all relevant regulations, and this kind of evidence of negligence may be used against them by the victims. 

State regulations for truck drivers in Nevada

In addition to federal transportation regulations that affect truck drivers across the country, there are separate regulations for trucks and commercial vehicles that travel through the state of Nevada. These rules are created by the Nevada Department of Transportation

The dimensions of the vehicle are subject to limitations. This means that the total size of the truck cannot exceed 14 feet high, 8 and a half feet wide, and 70 feet long. 

Weight limits are between 20,000 and 40,000 pounds depending on the number of axles present on the vehicle. The total gross weight of the vehicle can only go above 80,000 pounds if the driver or their business has obtained a special permit from the government. 

All drivers operating these kinds of vehicles in the state must have a commercial driver’s license. There are also age restrictions on when a driver is eligible for a commercial license, which generally require a person to be several years older than when they can obtain their standard driver’s license in Nevada. 

Trucks that carry hazardous materials may need permission from both the Federal Motor Carrier Administration and the Nevada Highway Patrol to travel through the state. Companies that transport non-hazardous goods will have to contact the Nevada Transportation Authority to ensure that their vehicles are compliant based on their particular business model. 

When a truck driver causes a collision

Anyone who has been hurt has the option of bringing a civil case against the trucking company and individual driver. The business can be made to pay for hospital stays and surgeries, missed time from work, and continued treatment if the injuries are serious. 

When relevant, the victim’s personal injury attorney can introduce evidence of violations of any of these safety regulations. 

Meeting with a truck accident attorney

Any individual who has been injured by a truck driver has the right to retain an accident lawyer and explore their options for compensation and other remedies. Southwest Injury Law is a respected firm that helps accident victims with this process in the Las Vegas area

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