When it comes to truck accidents, the question of who the liable parties are, must be considered carefully prior to the filing of any litigation by the plaintiff.

Unlike with car accidents, where it is usually the at-fault driver or the insurance company responsible for the auto accident, the liable parties in a truck accident could be tougher to determine. Some of the potential liable parties can include the truck driver, the trucking company, the truck owner, truck manufacturers, truck service engineers, etc.

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Furthermore, Nevada truck accident lawyers caution that if you miss out on listing all of the liable parties as defendants in your lawsuit, then you will not receive the compensation you were seeking even if you were successful in proving your case and winning it. Therefore, we highly recommend that you seek legal advice without any delay and get started working on your lawsuit, the claims within it, and the evidence to support it.

When is a company liable for its drivers conduct?

Truck accident laws vary from state to state and then there are also federal commercial truck laws which commercial truck operators need to abide by. However, generally, when a driver who is on duty for his or her employer, causes an auto accident, then the truck company can be held liable.

The grounds by which the truck company can be held liable are, namely, negligent hiring, negligent supervision and vicarious liability (superior respondeat), according to Nevada truck accident attorneys.

Negligent hiring: negligent hiring is when a business hires and appoints a person who is either not qualified to drive a truck (does not hold a commercial truck license that is valid), or hires someone who has had a bad track record, safety record in the past, and so on.

Negligent supervision: if your Nevada truck accident lawyer finds that the trucking company did not have measures to check safety or lacked policy and procedures in order to foster safe practices, or that the company condoned dangerous practices then the trucking company can he held liable for its employee’s actions.

Cars usually lose in the battle of forces when getting hit or hitting a large commercial truck. The driver of the car is the one normally hurt the most.

Superior respondeat: the commercial enterprise can be held liable on the basis that the truck driver was an agent and the employer was the principal and that the principal is responsible for the agent.

Now in Day 8 of 24 Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) held the Russians and Mikhail Novakovich (Graham McTavish) in contempt for killing Renee Walker (Annie Wersching) because they did. The Russians were the superior respondeat because they employed the assassin who shot and killed Renee. Bauer got his revenge and tortured and killed the assassin Pavel Tokarev (Joel Bissonnette). He also killed Novakovich and many of his men.

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What if the driver was an independent contractor?

If, however, the auto accident was caused due to negligence on behalf of the truck driver and it transpires that the driver was not an actual employee of the company and was instead hired as an independent contractor, then you may not be able to sue the truck company. However, you could still sue the driver and his or her auto insurer or you could turn to your own insurer to receive compensation.

To understand more about liability and how it could affect your claim, make sure to seek the assistance of a Nevada truck accident lawyer. This is the best way to protect your rights and make sure all the liable parties are held accountable.