Local news for northern Nevada reported on a crash between two large vehicles. Either business could face significant financial losses if they are found to be at fault and sued. 

Amtrak train and truck collide on the tracks

The accident happened in the town of Sparks, Nevada. It involved a large cement truck and an Amtrak California Zephyr train. 

The Nevada Highway Patrol received an emergency call at about 10 am on a Thursday morning. The railroad crossing where the crash took place was on Interstate Highway 80 near Derby Dam. The initial report from the police detailed minor injuries to the truck driver and one other person who was hospitalized, but no harm was done to the people on the train. All 78 passengers on board seemed to be healthy, and Amtrak stated that the train did not derail. 

The train had been on a route from Chicago to a final destination in Emeryville, California. The local police and Amtrak have both claimed that the cement truck was stopped on the tracks and was the cause of the collision, but a full investigation was still pending. Amtrak released a general statement reminding drivers to be careful at crossings after the collision.

Lawsuits against a trucking business

It is possible that both Amtrak and any affected passengers on the train can file a lawsuit against the trucking company who is responsible for the vehicle. If this business is determined to be at fault, they are responsible for all of the losses and medical expenses for everyone involved. As an individual employee, it is unlikely that the driver of the truck will end up paying out any of these damages. This is because of a tort law doctrine that makes a business strictly liable for damage caused by employees who are working, rather than only the individual who was directly responsible.  

Accidents that involve very large amounts of damages

In a situation where multiple passengers on a train or other vehicle are harmed, it is easy to imagine medical costs and other expenses going into the thousands or millions of dollars. This is because in a civil lawsuit, the defendant will have to pay this entire amount if they are found to be at fault for the accident. It is common for buses, trucking companies, trains, and other companies that own fleets of vehicles to have special high risk insurance for this purpose. A lawsuit can be devastating to a business if they have to pay costs of dozens of injured people at once. 

Speak with a truck accident attorney

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