Rollover truck crashes are more deadly and destructive than other types of truck accidents.

Omaha, NE-There are approximately 15,000 rollover truck accidents occur in the U.S. every year, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Administration.  While rollovers only represent a small fraction of the 120,000 truck crashes reported annually, these crashes tend to be more destructive and deadly than non-rollover crashes. A recent accident in Nebraska is a tragic reminder of the dangers associated when a truck overturns.

Concrete Truck Crushes Passenger Vehicle in Nebraska-Area Crash Killing Two

Two men waiting at a red light in La Vista were killed when a concrete truck tipped over and crushed their car.

The accident happened on October 26, 2017, just after noon at the intersection of South 120th Street and Giles Road in La Vista, according to the Omaha World-Herald. Police report that a concrete truck was making a right turn when his truck tipped to the outside and landed on top of a passenger vehicle.

Both men in the car died instantly. The concrete truck driver suffered minor injuries.

Police told the Omaha World-Herald that they are trying to determine if speed played a role in the crash.

Rollover Crashes are Preventable

Most car and truck accidents including rollovers are preventable because a vast majority are the result of driver error. There are many reasons large commercial trucks overturn. Below are some of the common causes of rollover crashes:

Failing to navigate a curve safely

Entering or exiting a ramp at a high rate of speed

Swerving and attempting to overcorrect after a lane departure

Driver inattention

Fatigued driving

Shifting or imbalanced cargo

Truck drivers can prevent rollover accidents by avoiding the behaviors listed above and making sure their cargo is loaded and secured correctly.

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