Truck drivers are exposed to a high degree of risk due to the possibility of serious accidents while they drive long distances. If a trucker is hurt or killed during a crash, a civil case against the person or business at fault is the best way to get assistance. 

A motor vehicle crash that involved a garbage truck resulted in the deaths of two waste management workers in Omaha, Nebraska. 

Garbage truck and dump truck collide and cause fatal collision

Police received an emergency call to respond to the area of 204th Street and Fort Street in Elkhorn. The incident happened at around 1 pm, in the immediate seconds before the accident, the garbage truck was attempting to pass two other vehicles while going southbound on Fort Street. A dump truck driver was also attempting to make a left turn in the area. At some point while the garbage truck attempted to make a pass, the driver overcorrected and his vehicle turned over. The garbage truck then collided with the nearby dump truck during its turn. 

A 24 year old male and a 56 year old male from Omaha were both killed in the garbage truck immediately upon impact. The 55 year old male driver of the dump truck received minor injuries as well. Photos of the scene showed emergency crews working near the overturned vehicle. 

Waste Management issued a statement giving their condolences to the family of the killed workers, as well as thanking the Nebraska State Patrol and first responders for acting quickly to get to the area. The month that this crash occurred was a bad one for traffic fatalities in the state, with 26 people dying in accidents. This is much higher than an average month for Nebraska. 

Getting financial assistance after a truck driver dies in an accident

When someone dies while driving for a trucking company, their family can take some measures to receive compensation and get help. Either their own employer or the driver responsible for the accident may be attached to a civil wrongful death lawsuit. This helps the family receive compensation for things like funeral and burial, lost wages, hospital bills, and emotional pain caused by the accident. 

An attorney in Nebraska who focuses on truck crashes can give more specific information related to the value of your case and specific steps that need to be taken. You may have to provide documentation or insurance claims related to the accident, invoices or bills related to medical care, and speak with witnesses or others involved in the collision. 

Get immediate help after an injury or fatal crash

There are local lawyers who can assist you with all of these issues and more. To speak with an experienced legal professional in Nebraska, use the listings on

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