Fatal and serious truck and car accidents are common when a driver is going against the flow of traffic without realizing where they are. If someone is killed, the civil law provides a remedy through wrongful death actions in each state. 

A severe car accident in the Nashville area left 2 people dead and three hurt. 

Pickup truck goes into wrong side of the road and hits a driver head on

Police say that the incident began at around 12:45 am on Bell Road near the Brookview Estates neighborhood. The Nashville Metro Police say that a Toyota Scion was going westbound on Bell Road just past the intersection with Brook View Estates Drive. A 2007 Ford pickup truck that was going in the opposite direction crossed in front of the Scion and caused a head on collision. 

One witness, who was also driving on Bell Road, said that the same truck had sped past him shortly before the collision. However, an investigation is still pending to determine an exact cause of the accident. 

The metro police did take a blood sample from the truck driver and they plan to do a toxicology test for drunk driving. He may be facing criminal charges. 

There were multiple injuries and two deaths related to the truck crash. A five year old girl in a car seat in the pickup truck that was not properly secured was hurt. A male driver and a female passenger in the pickup truck were both seriously hurt, and neither was wearing a seatbelt. A 21 year old male and a 25 year old female in the Scion were both pronounced dead by police shortly after they arrived. 

Wrongful death laws

While the two victims from inside the Scion will not be around to bring a civil case, their family members can file a claim against the person responsible, regardless of whether they are charged criminally or acquitted. 

Wrongful death statutes are slightly different in each state, but they generally allow a person such as a spouse or child who was financially dependent on the victim to receive various types of damages. These damages may be related to lost wages and future income, funeral and burial expenses, and emotional pain and suffering from the trauma caused by the accident. 

The process for filing this kind of lawsuit is very similar to a standard negligence case. Therefore, it is best to start the process by filing an insurance claim and talking to a personal injury lawyer in your city. 

Get help from an accident lawyer in Nashville

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