While it may not be obvious, people who die in motor vehicle accidents do have legal remedies that can be pursued by some of their family members. This can help pay for things like medical expenses, hospitalization, funeral expenses, lost wages, and other problems related to the accident. 

A fatal crash in Murfreesboro involved a pickup truck and motorcycle that collided during a turn out of an apartment building. 

Deadly truck crash kills motorcycle rider

Local news reported that the Murfreesboro police responded to the scene of a deadly accident. The department’s official statement gives details regarding a GMC Sierra truck that exited an apartment complex onto South Rutherford Boulevard. As the truck was turning, the motorcycle hit the side of the vehicle at about 8:50 pm that night. Rutherford County medical personnel treated two people who were riding the motorcycle for injuries at the scene. 

The truck driver did not sustain any injuries, but the two people on the motorcycle had to be transported to hospitals in the area. One died shortly after arrival from the injuries sustained in the accident. No victim names were released and the crash is still under investigation by local law enforcement. 

What to do after a family member is killed by a truck? 

After any kind of deadly motor vehicle accident, there is a certain kind of personal injury lawsuit that family members can file on behalf of their deceased relative. This is called a wrongful death lawsuit in most jurisdictions, and Tennessee has its own rules regarding who can file these claims. While they are similar to the negligence claims that many civil attorneys file there are some crucial differences.  

Tennessee’s wrongful death laws

The wrongful death statute for Tennessee says that claims must generally be filed within one year of the date that the victim has died. These cases can be filed whether or not there is a related criminal charge for crimes such as manslaughter or homicide. The only penalties for the wrongful death lawsuit are financial, where jail time is reserved for the criminal case. Minors can also have any money won from a wrongful death lawsuit regarding a relative placed into a trust until they turn 18. 

The order for the next of kin who can bring the claim goes to children first, then the personal representative of the estate, then the parents of the victim if any financial dependency exists, and finally to  the administrator in charge of the person’s estate, but only if the deceased person was financially dependent on someone else.

Damages in Tennessee for wrongful death cases

The most important aspect of any civil case from the victim’s perspective is damages. This is because it is their only way to be paid for expenses and losses related to the accident.  

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