A truck accident which involved multiple vehicles occurred at East Ben White Boulevard has resulted in three people having to be hospitalized with injuries. As reported by kvue.com, among the vehicles involved was a semi-truck. Austin truck accident lawyers are paying close attention to this case and the best in the business in this area is the Luke Dow Law Firm who know how to win cases in a variety of manners and they have been proving this in and out of Austin courtrooms for years now.

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Among first responders were units of the Austin Travis County Medical Emergency Services. EMS initially had stated that as many as fourteen people may have been injured in the accident and that at least three of those were children.

Later on after they were able to completely assess the truck accident and its resulting damages, they concluded that only three adults had to be transported to a hospital for treatment of their injuries and that everyone else were ok and in a stable medical condition.

The three injured persons were transported to Austin Medical Center and thankfully are all said to be in a stable condition too and are expected to recuperate fully soon. Evidence from the police report and video footage, if any, can play a vital role in establishing liability, say hard charging and poignant truck accident lawyers in Austin, TX.

The investigation required that the area on the roadway be cordoned off from public access and this caused traffic congestion in the area.

Tow Truck Driver Under the Scanner after Alleged “Dragging” Accident

A local resident Ashley Brumley who witnessed the fatal truck accident and owns an apartment in the locality said that the whole ordeal was “horrible” and “really bad”, as reported by news4sanantonio.com.

According to law enforcement officers who are investigating the truck accident, a 28 year old woman was killed and left in the middle of the roadway as she ran behind the tow truck which was towing away her car. The owner of the towing company has stated that the car was being towed from the Salado Springs apartment complex and that the towing company did have rights and were contracted to tow from there.

According to Brumley, residents of the apartment complex had all received notifications that the towing regulations and enforcement was going to get tougher and that all guests were required to park outside the gate.

In this specific case, the woman had parked in a restricted and reserved parking area and so they attempted to tow away the car. However, the woman saw this and chased the tow truck on foot. She somehow got entangled between her car and the towing vehicle and was then dragged for nearly a mile.

The driver of the towing vehicle was allowed to go home after interrogation, but is still under investigation according to law enforcement. In the opinion of Texas truck accident attorneys, any charges would depend on several factors including witness statements, CCTV footage, and any other available evidence.

Don’t park in the wrong spot! And do not try to tackle moving vehicles!

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