Gwinnett County, GA- A motorist died Saturday on I-85 after being involved in a fiery collision with a tractor trailer Saturday just before noon.

The accident took place in the southbound lanes of the I-85 near Peachtree Road in Suwanee  According to the Gwinnett County Police, a passenger vehicle made contact with a tractor trailer as they were traveling on the crowded interstate. The car, which was trapped between the tractor trailer and center median, erupted in a blaze that also consumed the tractor-trailer.

The driver of the passenger vehicle was pronounced dead on the scene. He was later identified as Hafiz Muhammad Ilyas, the Gwinnett Daily Post reported.

A photograph of the scene shows the car completely engulfed in flames.

The truck driver, Raymond Lee Hatt Jr., 35, of Michigan, was not injured.

The accident tied up six of the southbound lanes for several hours as crews cleaned up the wreckage and tried to determine the cause of the tragic accident. Some traffic had to be diverted

The Gwinnett Daily Post reported that police later on Saturday police issued a warrant for Hatt’s arrest. He was charged with a second-degree vehicular manslaughter, which is a misdemeanor. He is also charge with improper lane change.

Although few details of the accident were released, Gwinnett County Police said that Hatt failed to use his turn signal as he changed lanes. He also violated the statute prohibiting changing lanes “until the driver has first ascertained that such movement can be made with safety,” the Gwinnett Daily Record reported.

This accident could have been prevented but unfortunately motorists and truck drivers fail to use their turn signals. When a person purchases a tractor trailer or a passenger vehicle, turn signals are not optional. Turns signals let other motorists know what a driver is planning to do and could prevent a large number of accidents, including this one.

On a busy interstate like I-85, failing to use a turn signal can mean the matter between life and death, as you can see. When a driver fails to follow that important rule of the road, not only can they face criminal charges, but they could be held liable if someone is harmed or killed because of their carelessness.

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