Truck AccidentToms River, NJ- A truck driver’s miscalculation caused a horrific accident on Monday which left one motorists crushed to death on Route 3.

Police say the accident occurred Monday afternoon, around 2 p.m., on Route 3 westbound in Rutherford. A truck driver, hauling a shipping container attempted to go over an underpass, but didn’t have enough clearance, causing the container to slide off and onto a passenger vehicle.

The driver of the passenger car had to be extricated for the mangled wreckage and survived the initial impact. The unidentified victim later died of the injuries sustained in the crash.

ABC reports that the container was empty, but still weighed about 10,000 Lbs.

One witness told CBS that truck driver was distraught after the accident and was wondering in the road. Another witness said the accident sounded like and explosion went off.

The westbound lanes of the Route 3 were closed for several hours as police conducted their investigation and crews cleaned up the scene.

Police have not yet determined the cause of the accident. It appears as though the truck didn’t have enough clearance to pass under the bridge, but other factors could have played a role. Perhaps, the container was not appropriately secured. Or, the driver failed to notice clearance signs. Or, the roadway was not properly signed.

This trucker’s miscalculation cost a person their life. This accident could have been prevent if the truck driver had taken the simple step of confirming what kind of clearance they need to safely pass under an overpass or bridge. Not being aware of the height of an overpass of the trailer is careless. While a truck driver may be distraught and remorseful about causing an accident, they are still liable for any deaths or injuries that result.

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