Tractor-trailer Rear-ending Passenger CarFort Wayne, IN- An Indiana University student, and her mother were killed last week in truck accident at the Indiana/Kentucky border.

According to reports, Elaine Ludwig and her daughter Amanda Ludwig were traveling in a Pontiac Grand Prix on I-275 in Boone County, Ky., near the Indiana border when they stopped in the right lane of the Carroll C. Cropper Bridge.

One semi riding behind the two women saw their vehicle had stopped and swerved left to avoid a collision. A second semi-truck didn’t see the Pontiac and slammed into the rear, causing the car to burst into flames, WCPO reported.

Both women died from the impact of the crash and smoke inhalation.

Police are still investigating the accident and have not determined if they will charge the driver of the semi. There is no word on why the two women stopped on the bridge.

Following the accident, the family of the two women released a statement which portrayed them as pillars of their community and expressed concern about the well-being of the truck driver who struck them.

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