Emergency Medical ServicesReno, NV- The aftermath of an accident involving a large commercial truck can be a very confusing time for the victims. They are left to wonder: What’s next? How am I going to pay my medical expenses? Funeral expenses? How do I get the compensation I need?

Truck accident victims can file a personal injury or wrongful death claim but there are a few things they can do to damage their accident claim. Our team of truck accident lawyers in Nevada would like to discuss four things victims can do to damage their case and possibly reduce the settlement amount they receive.

This first mistake you can make is to not seek medical attention. Obviously, considering the weight and size of commercial trucks, many victims suffer serious injuries and must be taken to a hospital immediately. But on many occasions, truck accident victims, not realizing the seriousness of their injuries, refuse to get medical care, only to find out days or weeks later that their accident caused more damage than they realized. Your injuries may not seem serious at the time thanks, but underestimating your injuries could cause you more pain and suffering. Do yourself a favor and seek medical attention right away just to be on the safe side.

Secondly and one of the most biggest and damaging mistakes truck accident victims make is to speak with the at-fault driver, trucking company or their insurance before getting the advice of a truck accident attorney. You may not think that answering a few questions could damage your claim, but it can. Anything you say no matter how seemingly insignificant can be used to damage your accident claim and reduce the settlement amount you receive. The best way to keep from damaging your claim is to retain legal counsel and let them speak for you so you don’t do irreversible harm to your injury claim.

Settling to soon is the third most mistake many truck accident victims make. They often take the first settlement offer they receive without consulting with an attorney. You can bet that the first settlement offer won’t be the amount you need especially if you suffered serious injuries. It’s up to you and your representative to show why you deserve more compensation than you are being offered for your pain and suffering.

Asking for the wrong amount is very common during the negation stage of Nevada truck accident claims. Some accident victims aim too high and ask for too much which only makes it harder for an insurer to the take their settlement requests seriously. That indicates you don’t actually know the value of your truck accident case and opens you up to a low-ball settlement offer.

On the other hand some truck accident victims ask for too little and end up regretting that decision when their medical costs exceed the settlement the received. Truck accident lawyers deal with accident victims, so they are aware of the overall medical costs their clients are facing and will all parties– driver, trucking company or other party accountable.

As a truck accident victim, it is likely that you find the process of filing an injury claim daunting. That is why USAttorneys suggest you speak with a truck accident lawyer near your Nevada location to help you with your personal injury claim or wrongful death. If you are Reno and want an accomplished truck accident lawyer, we recommend you contact the office of Kathleen A. Sigurdson to help recover compensation after you devastating truck crash.