There are a variety of traffic laws put in place to prevent drivers from getting into a serious accident. Accidents can cause a lot of harm to all those involved and the more serious the accident is, the more chances that a person will face serious financial losses due to the collision.

To stay as safe as possible and to try and prevent the accident from occurring in the first place, a person should try their best to follow all the traffic rules. If a driver fails to follow the rules and gets into an accident, or if another driver doesn’t follow the rules and ends up colliding into a  person, they should not hesitate before getting in touch with an accident attorney in Missouri to help them through the legal process of getting properly compensated for their losses.

Though traffic rules are basic, it is important that a person ensures they are aware of what is allowed and what is not allowed on the road.

The following rules must be followed by anyone sharing the road in Missouri:

  • The driver must always stop and yield the right of way to pedestrians who are crossing or very near to crossing
  • Drivers must obey all traffic control devices unless told not to be a traffic officer
  • Pedestrians are not allowed to suddenly leave a curb without warning the drivers and they must obey all traffic signals
  • Drivers must remain in the right lane unless passing another driver, avoiding an obstruction, or while on a one-way traffic roadway
  • Drivers being passed must not increase the speed of their vehicle until they are completely passed
  • Drivers must only drive to the left side if it is visible and the view is not obstructed
  • Drivers are not allowed to follow other vehicles too closely and must make a reasonable gap between the vehicles, especially with trucks
  • Drivers must not drive while using a mobile hand-held device, except for calling 911 in case of an emergency
  • The driver on the left must yield to the driver on the right when an intersection is approached at the same time

It is vital that drivers follow the above-mentioned traffic rules along with the many other regulations they are expected to follow in Adrian, Missouri.

What is the penalty for breaking these traffic rules?

Anyone who breaks the law and transgresses on the road can be fined, have their license suspended, and even be imprisoned for their negligence. The exact penalty depends on how severely they broke the rules and how many people were hurt due to their actions. It is essential that all drivers remain at the scene of the crime after the accident, and if they try to hit and run after an accident, they can be charged with a class A misdemeanor. If the accident resulted in serious harm to another driver and they still tried to run from the scene, they can get penalized with a class D felony.

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