It can be difficult to keep a cool head and to remain calm after a serious collision. After the initial shock of the crash, things do not become any easier as a person then must deal with the aftermath which includes dealing with injuries, property damage, lost wages, and medical bills. Not to mention they must deal with the police and all the legalities on top of everything else they are enduring.

Every driver should know they have legal rights that protect them from being unfairly sued or that grant them the ability to file a legal claim to help them recover from their losses.  In order to protect one’s rights and to prove their innocence, a person should make sure that all the events are properly documented by collecting the information of witnesses, filing a police report, taking notes, and also taking pictures of the accident scene.

Drivers have the legal right to file an accident claim against the person who caused the collision to occur. To get compensated from the other driver, negligence must be proven, and the fact that the negligence leads to financial losses for the victim must also be brought to the attention of the insurer or court members. Though drivers do have the right to file a claim after an accident, they must make sure they do so within five years of facing their injury in Missouri. They also must keep in mind that their legal rights may be limited or altered by the policy of the insurer who is responsible for giving them compensation.

In Missouri, drivers have the legal right of getting compensated for their losses, but due to the comparative fault ruling system, they will have their settlement reduced if they were partially responsible for the collision. The amount they are finally entitled to after taking everything into consideration will be determined by the judge and jury and by the insurance evaluators.

Should I contact my insurance company myself after an accident?

The first professional who should be called after a car accident is an accident attorney. A lawyer can communicate with one’s insurer and negotiate a fair settlement amount with them. The road to financial recovery can be a long one after a serious accident in Alma, MO, but through the help of a lawyer a person can significantly reduce the amount of time toward receiving their compensation and they can also have their compensation increased significantly because an attorney can educate them on all the damages they are eligible to claim that they may not have considered on their own.


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