When an accident involves multiple trucks, the possibility that one or both drivers may be seriously hurt or killed greatly increases.

A bakery truck was involved in a collision in St. Louis, Missouri on a Friday morning that sent the driver to a local hospital. 

Two trucks collide near a construction zone on Highway 70

The collision occurred in the Westbound lanes on Interstate Highway 70 near the Blanchette Bridge. The company that owns the truck, called Fazio’s Foods, confirmed in a facebook post that one of their drivers had been injured in an accident. An employee of Fazio’s Foods told the local news that the driver must have a vigilant guardian angel to have survived the severe crash. 

Initial reports said that the driver should be okay, but he may require leg surgery. Police do not know exactly what happened, but they believe a semi truck driver made an abrupt stop near a construction zone which likely caused the collision. The driver of the bakery truck then struck the back of the semi in this area. The semi truck driver also suffered from minor injuries.

Police kept the area closed down while they secured the accident scene for several hours. Pictures of the scene showed the trailers of the two trucks smashed into each other with severe damage. 

Getting legal help to make a commercial driver pay for an accident

When a trucker causes an accident, their employer will usually be sued for any damage that they caused. This is because there is a tort law doctrine that makes businesses liable for the actions of their employees while they work in their normal positions. The reasoning for this kind of liability is that businesses should be legally responsible for any activities they engage in that may also harm the general public. Because of this doctrine it is generally not necessary to sue a commercial driver as an individual, although they may be attached to the lawsuit as a defendant. 

Payments for victims

The person who is injured by the negligent driver may have a sudden increase in expenses caused by the driver. This can include hospital and medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and non-economic harm caused by emotional pain and suffering. After an initial consultation with a truck accident attorney in Missouri, you can get an estimate of the value of your case along with other important information about civil lawsuits. In most situations, a severe accident that causes permanent or long term injuries will pay victims more than minor accidents that do not affect the victim’s quality of life. 

Speak with a local attorney after an injury caused by a truck driver

There are lawyers near you who focus on truck accident lawsuits and related matters to assist their clients. Use the directory on USAttorneys.com to find a professional to assist you in the state of Missouri. 

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