Pascagoula, MS- A multi-vehicle collision involving two passenger vehicles and two tractor –trailers left a Mississippi woman.

The Sun Herald reports that the accident occurred on August 31st around 1 a.m. on Interstate 10 near Pascagoula and left a 31-year-old woman dead.

Jackson County Deputy Coroner Jason Moody told the Sun Herald that the deceased motorist’s car was hit by tractor-trailer, causing her car to flip. Her car was then struck by a second tractor-trailer. Another vehicle with two occupant was also involved in the collision, but it is unclear how events unfolded.

The two occupants of the other vehicle were injured and taken to a local hospital for treatment. The nature of their injuries is not known.

What set off this chain-reaction collision has not been revealed, so we can’t say who was at fault or what was the cause. While we can’t speak to the cause of this accident, the majority truck accidents and car accidents in Mississippi, for that matter, are caused by driver error. Driver error can run the gamut, but fatigued, speed are distraction are the three most commonly cited. In a prior study Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that driving too fast for conditions accounted for 23 percent of truck accidents and fatigue accounted for 18 percent.

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