Jackson, MS- There are a myriad of ways a commercial truck can be hazardous and lead to a terrible crash. Most truck crashes, and car accidents, in Mississippi are the result of driver error but an overweight or improperly loaded cargo is a danger that is often overlooked.

Commercial trucks are designed to carry a great deal of weight but in the interest of safety each truck is limited on the amount of weight they can carry. This is called the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating and is determined by a truck’s size and frame, suspension, brakes and the number of axles it has. Under federal and state regulations, commercial trucks are limited to specific weight–which varies by type– with the goal of preventing a major truck accident. For the most part, independent truck drivers and trucking companies adhere to these regulations. There are however those individuals or companies that ignore safety and try to cut corners by overloading a truck or doing a shoddy job of loading the truck.

There are a number of aspect of a truck’s operation that be affected by too heavy of a load. Too much weight can put a strain on mechanical systems, like the brakes or steering, which are highly critical to the safe operation of a commercial truck. Too much weight can also put a great deal of pressure on a truck’s tires and possibly cause a blowout.  When a truck is overweight, it may be harder for a driver to control especially in adverse road conditions or bad weather. At a high rate of speed and overloaded truck can be very difficult to stop and be very destructive to anything it collides with.

If the cargo a truck is carrying is not loaded or secured properly, the cargo can shift or come tumbling off and set in a motion a destructive and perhaps deadly crash.

Weigh stations seen periodically on the nation’s highways are there to ensure trucks are adhering to weight and cargo requirements, but generally these weigh stations just cite a driver and send them on their way. Very rarely as these overloaded trucks taken of the road and they are more than willing to pay a fine for expediency’s sake.

If you have been involved in an accident with a semi-truck, tanker or dump truck, you have probably suffered a major injury and are wondering what you’re going to do about your medical bills. Luckily for truck accident victims and car accident victims in Mississippi, the state’s personal injury laws allows them to seek compensation for their medical bills, mental anguish, lost wages and property damage.

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