Highway accidents are a common source of injuries and deaths on the roads in Mississippi. This is especially true if a commercial truck is involved in a crash with a standard passenger vehicle. The impact often proves to be fatal for anyone in the smaller car. 

Eight people inside of a van were killed during a collision with a truck on a highway in Mississippi.

Box truck and van collide killing several passengers

The Mississippi Highway Patrol believes that the van was going eastbound on Highway 16 just after 4:00 am. A Penske box truck was going in the opposite direction on the same road. The two vehicles struck each other head on in an area near Scooba, Mississippi and the Alabama state line. 

The driver of the van was immediately taken to a hospital, but no word was given about the specifics of his condition. All eight of the passengers in the van were killed instantly from the impact of the collision, but the driver of the Penske truck was not hurt at all. Pictures from the scene showed that the front end of the truck and the body of the van were totally demolished. 

Local police in Mississippi plan to conduct a full investigation into the cause of the accident and make a recreation of the scene. A spokesman from the Mississippi Highway Patrol said that the people in the van had almost no chance for survival based on what he saw when first arriving. 

Deadly motor vehicle crashes

Truck accidents are responsible for a substantial number of dangerous incidents each year in the United States. High speeds and large vehicles do not mix together well. Unfortunately, people in smaller vehicles are much more likely to be killed or permanently injured when colliding with a truck or other large commercial vehicle. 

If someone is killed during one of these accidents, a civil lawsuit against the business that owns and operates the truck is often the best option. There are negligence cases which allow the victim to collect monetary damages from the driver of business who is responsible for their losses. A lawyer for the plaintiff will prove negligence through things like mistakes on the road and violations of traffic laws and regulations. In fatal accidents like the news story above, the victim’s family can stand in their place and file a similar civil lawsuit, regardless of whether criminal charges are ever brought against the person responsible for the death. 

Speak with an attorney in your state

There are local truck accident lawyers in Mississippi. These legal professionals focus their practice on helping people who have been hurt or killed due to a driver’s negligence. Use the listings on USAttorneys.com to find out more. 

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