An 11 year old girl from Michigan was injured after two-vehicles crashed in the intersection of Lake Shore Drive and State Highway 364 near Canandaigua, as reported by

According to police reports, a Michigan man named Joshua Doornbos was driving a 2008 Chevrolet pick-up truck when he attempted to turn left onto the state highway and was hit by another vehicle being driven by an 18-year old resident of Livonia whose identity has not been released. This is an event that attracts all motivated Wayne County Michigan Truck accident lawyers.

It is not clear whether Doornbos and his truck accident attorney will press charges against the teen or not. The 11 year old girl who was an occupant in the Chevrolet pick-up sustained moderate injuries including wounds to the face. Responding medical emergency technicians of the Canandaigua Emergency Squad rushed the girl to nearby Thompson Hospital. The teenager also sustained wounds to his arm but declined to be taken to the hospital. Investigators have confirmed that everyone involved in the crash were donning their seat belts at the time of the impact.

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Trucker left hanging over a bridge after accident in Michigan

George Parby lived through a nightmare when he was left dangling over a Michigan overpass for longer than 60 minutes after a car in front of him suddenly applied their brakes, as reported by

Parby testified that he saw the brake lamps of the car go on all of a sudden and hit the brakes hard to avoid rear ending the car. This caused the truck to skid to its left and finally collide with a concrete barrier. Parby was hanging from the truck while the trailer stayed on the road and its weight was the only thing preventing the truck from free falling.

Rescue operation workers from Romulus Fire Department used an extended bucket ladder technique to pull Parby to safety. Hazmat workers worked after the rescue to clear up spilt fuel on the roadways.

Man reverses truck into his wife and kills her

72 year old Peter Christopher was distraught and said that what had occurred was an accident after he struck his wife while backing up his pickup truck, subsequently killing her, according to

According to his testimony, a part of his load straw fell off as he was reversing his truck, and so his wife, 68 year old Sandra Christopher, hopped out to get it. Peter continued to back the truck and ran Sandra over. The accident is still under investigation. Investigators have confirmed that alcohol was not a contributing factor. It appears carelessness was though to an exponential power!

Truck Accident laws and why you need a truck accident attorney

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