When a large semi truck hits another driver in a smaller vehicle at a high rate of speed on a highway, there is little chance of survival. Civil lawsuits are available in this situation to compensate the victim’s family after a fatal collision. 

A pickup truck driver was killed in the northwestern part of Minnesota after an accident involving a semi tractor trailer.

Driver is killed at highway intersection

On a Wednesday afternoon, the pickup driver was going eastbound on Highway 210 near the town of Underwood. At the intersection of the highway and German Lake Road, his vehicle collided with a large truck pulling a semi trailer. 

The Minnesota State Patrol responded to the area within minutes at around 5 pm. They found that the pickup driver was not wearing his seatbelt. He was immediately transported to Lake Regions Hospital, but died minutes after arrival. The driver of the semi truck was a 45 year old male who was transported to the same hospital with minor injuries. He was wearing a seatbelt and expected to recover. The victim was a 30 year old male from Parkers Prairie. 

Law enforcement plans to conduct a more thorough investigation of the accident scene. 

Getting help after a collision with trucks or large commercial vehicles

Whenever a truck or other vehicle that is used for business purposes harms another person, it is recommended to bring a civil lawsuit against the company that owns the vehicle. There are a number of reasons to do so.

First, after a serious accident, insurance claims may be insufficient to cover large amounts of damage. Most insurance policies have a limit of several thousand dollars. Extensive medical treatment, along with funeral and burial expenses if the accident is fatal can easily exceed this amount.

The second related point is that a civil lawsuit is often the only way to get significant financial help after a truck accident. Victims are suddenly hit with a large bill for things like property repairs and hospitalization. Realistically, many people cannot pay for these additional expenses on their own, and holding the person responsible for the accident financially responsible as well is often the best way to handle the situation. 

Third, a negligent business needs to be put on notice for problematic practices. This may include hiring drivers without the right credentials or not training them properly. In any case, this is the fault of the business and they should have to pay for their mistakes before they have the opportunity to injure others. 

Schedule a consultation to learn more about lawsuits against trucking companies

A civil lawsuit may be the best way for you to get help after a collision. To speak with an attorney about a recent truck accident in Minnesota, use the listings on USAttorneys.com to find the right professional in your area. 

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