Many commercial vehicles are involved in the process of moving fuel, chemicals, and other combustible materials around on the local roads. If they do not handle these materials responsibly, people who are hurt during an incident can file a lawsuit against them. 

A truck accident involving an explosion and a lot of debris caused problems in suburban Miami.

Truck explosion causes road closures and delays in west Miami

Several roads had to be closed after an acetylene tank sitting in the bed of a truck exploded at around 2 pm. The incident occurred at the busy intersection of Northwest 87th Ave and Northwest 12th Street. Police suspect that impact from a traffic collision likely led to the explosion.  

A helicopter from the local news network spotted debris from the tank and bed of the truck all over the road and in the grassy areas near the roadside up to 30 feet away from where the incident happened. Police say that dangerous shrapnel flew through the area and two other vehicles sustained damage in the immediate aftermath of the explosion. They are in the process of investigating the incident, as they believe the tank was not secured properly and moving around in the back of the truck right before it exploded. 

No injuries were initially reported, but several roads between 84th and 87th Ave on Northwest 36th Street were closed and had to be gradually be reopened. Photos from the scene show the bed of the truck was totally charred and burned. 

Doral is located in the western part of Miami Dade County near the international airport. 

Transportation of hazardous materials 

Some truck drivers have to transport hazardous materials on a daily basis as a regular part of their jobs. During incidents such as this, accidents and impacts can cause members of the public and the truck drivers to be exposed to harmful chemicals and other materials that can cause injuries. 

All drivers who transport such materials must possess a commercial driver’s license and pass a background check as required by law. The Florida Department of Transportation enforces many regulations related to compliance for transporting dangerous materials. In a situation like the story above, the driver and their employer may receive citations and fines, or even be charged criminally depending on the level of carelessness that led to the explosion. Most businesses in this field must also submit to periodic compliance reviews, otherwise they risk penalties. Both Florida and the federal government have similar regulations regarding requirements for drivers and how these materials can be stored or moved around. 

Liability for dangerous activities

Companies who are engaged in the use and transportation of dangerous materials are held to a higher standard of care when working with items that can cause explosions, burns, and fatalities. Personal injury attorneys can explain how these standards may apply to your specific case and affect the outcome of a negligence lawsuit. It is best to have a consultation before making any assumptions about the outcome of your lawsuit. 

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