Many of the truck accidents that occur on Miami roadways end with one or more people suffering severe, debilitating, or deadly injuries. Miami not only serves as a tourist hotspot, but it also attracts a significant amount of traffic from people traveling in and out of the city for work and commerce. Unfortunately, with so many vehicles out on the roads at once coupled with drivers who are distracted, careless, and/or reckless, accidents happen on a daily basis.


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Injured in a truck accident in Miami and need help recovering compensation from the insurer or the at fault driver? If so, contact the Law Offices of Mario Trespalacios P.A. today.

If you were involved in an accident with a box truck, delivery truck, or any other type of large truck in Miami, FL and suffered injuries as a result, you may be wondering whether or not you are entitled to recover compensation for the way these injuries have impacted your life. In most cases, if the truck driver was liable for causing the collision, then you may have a valid claim against their insurer and even them.


While most individuals choose only to pursue the insurer for money after engaging in a truck collision without retaining a truck accident lawyer, they may actually be entitled to more. The truth is, insurers operate in a way so that they profit off of drivers. How do they do this? They undervalue most of the claims they receive yet make it appear as though the claimant is walking away with a fair amount. The reality is, most truck accident victims are often entitled to much more from the insurance company than what the adjuster provides them with. And because most victims are unaware of what their damages are truly worth, they walk away with the low-ball offer they should have declined.

Aside from a victim trying to negotiate with their insurer for money—money that they are entitled to, they also have the right to sue the driver who caused the accident if they are unable to recoup the full amount they are due from the insurer. How does a truck accident victim start the lawsuit process in Miami, FL? They start by hiring a legal representative to guide and advise them.


How do I file a lawsuit for the injuries I suffered in a truck accident in Miami?


Before you decide to file a lawsuit against the driver or the company he or she works for, you need to sit down with a Miami, FL truck accident attorney who can help you decide how much you should ask for in your suit. Once you know the amount, then you will either file your claim (i.e. lawsuit) with the Circuit Civil or the County Civil (i.e. small claims court). The Circuit Civil is responsible for handling “civil matters where the amount of damages sought is in excess of $15,000” [Source: Miami-Dade County Clerk of the Courts]. In the event your claim is worth less than $15,000, then you would file it with the County Civil.

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If the trucker who hit you is underinsured and you need help collecting additional compensation, you may be able to file a lawsuit against him or her as well as the company they are employed with.

There are several steps you are going to need to take should you decide to file suit against the truck driver and the Miami truck accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Mario Trespalacios P.A. are available to explain what these are. Now, before you assume that filing a lawsuit is the next step you should take, you are advised to sit down with a qualified attorney at this firm who can explore all the options that are available to you that will help you recover compensation for your injuries.


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