02-22-12-Truck-Accident-Attorney-News-Blog - www.TruckAccidentAttorneysNow.orgSanta Fe, NM- A New Mexico family was awarded a historic settlement for a truck accident that killed two of their family members.

The Las Cruces Sun reports that this was the largest civil judgment in the state’s history.

The crash occurred in 2011 when a Fed-Ex tractor-trailer slammed into passenger truck which had stopped in the right lane. Mariali Venegas Morga, 22, and her daughter, Ylairan Morga, 4 were killed. Morgas’ 1 year-old son survived the crash.

The driver of the tractor-trailer, Elizabeth Quinta also died.

Police said Morga was stopped in the right lane with the emergency flashers on, but the truck driver was unable to stop in time, according to the Las Cruces Sun. The Fed-Ex truck hauling two tandem trailers slammed into the rear of Morga’s truck, killing her and her daughter instantly.

Morga’s son was in serious condition and flown to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The lawsuit was filed by Morga’s husband, Alfredo Morga and her parents filed the suit in the 2012, naming Fed-Ex, two contractors, Ruben’s Trucking LLC and M&K’s Trucking Inc., and the estate of the deceased truck driver in the suit.

A Santa Fe jury found that Fed-Ex was 95 percent responsible for the accident so they will pay the bulk of the settlement.

This is an unusually large settlement for an accident-related civil suit. Not all truck victims can expect such a large settlement, but with adept representation, they can receive a generous settlement that will cover all of their medical and accident-related expenses along with damages for their pain and suffering.

A wrongful death lawsuit allows those who have lost a loved one to not only seek compensation for their emotional distress, but also for the future financial issues that may arise out of the loss of their loved one.  Parents, children and spouses of wrongful death victims can also seek compensation for their medical and funeral expenses, loss of financial support, loss of companionship and their pain and anguish.

When filing a wrongful death claim, it is crucial for the victims to retain a Santa Fe truck accident attorney to build a case on their behalf. Proving who was at fault and to what degree can be a hurdle for truck accident victims, but those hurdles can be overcome with professional and dedicated legal representation. Having someone on your side to advocate for your and fight for rights is the most assured way to get a just settlement for a fatal truck accident.

Our truck accident attorneys in New Mexico understand that no amount of money recovered from a wrongful death suit can replace a loved one, but it can give a family relief from the crushing debt they are likely to incur as result of a truck accident. Each case is important to our team of accident attorneys and they will work tirelessly on a case until their clients receive the settlement amount they so richly deserve for their untimely loss.