Acquiring the appropriate evidence is necessary to win any legal case. If a driver needs to prove that the accident which they just got into was the fault of the truck driver and that they are not liable for it, they should call a truck accident lawyer in Mesa, Arizona to help them get started on collecting evidence and initiating the litigation process.

In order to prove that the truck driver was at fault, a person needs to collect as much proof as possible. Gathering photos as videos of the scene of the crime is important. Most trucks also have a built-in camera system that is designed specifically to record a few seconds before and after the accident. This footage can be very helpful to discover what caused the crash. Gathering footage from traffic cameras or security cameras near the site of the accident can also be used as essential evidence.

Other pieces of evidence an attorney can help a person collect include:

  • Pick-up records and delivery records
  • Credit card receipts
  • Summaries of trips made by the driver
  • Radio records
  • Weight tickets
  • Telematics data
  • Fuel records
  • Information regarding dispatch
  • Records of employee accident history
  • Records of DOT physicals
  • Cargo contracts

There are many different proofs which an attorney can help a person acquire in order to prove that the truck driver was negligent. If the proof determines that a truck driver or the trucking company acted negligently in one way or the other then they can be held accountable and they will have to pay compensation to the victims of the accident.

Should I call the police after I get into a truck accident?

If the accident a person gets into was on a larger scale then they should most definitely call the police. Since most truck accidents are very large, police officers need to be called to the scene almost every single time. It is important that a person remembers they should only give vital information to the police officer and the other drivers involved in the accident. If a person says too much their words can be used against them in a way that some fault and liability are passed over to their shoulders during the court session.

After calling the police, most people make the mistake of calling their insurance company. This is a major mistake and can lead a person to get a lower offer of compensation because they do not have the knowledge or skill to negotiate with the company appropriately. A lawyer who is well educated in the field can help a person communicate with the insurance company in an appropriate manner which is why a person should always call their attorney at their earliest convenience after the accident.