Overturned Tractor-trailerFort Wayne, IN- Tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks are the largest and heaviest vehicles operating on the roads. Because of their immense size and weight, when these vehicles are involved in a traffic accident there is a greater chance of that accident ending in one or more fatalities. It’s a sad fact.

One Virginia family knows first-hand how destructive truck accidents can be as they grapple with losing five of their family members in one night.

Delaware Online reports that three adults, including one pregnant woman, and three children were traveling from their home in Virginia to visit family in Baltimore. The family was traveling in the westbound lanes of Route 50 in Queen Anne’s County when they approached the intersection of Rt. 213 around 1:20 a.m. last Saturday.

A truck traveling in the southbound lanes of Rt. 213, approaching Rt. 50, struck the family’s vehicle. Both vehicles were pushed across the intersection, according to Delaware Online. The tractor-trailer rolled over the vehicle trapping the five occupants.

Four of the five victims were pronounced dead on the scene. They are Regina Ayres, 24; her daughter Jordan Ayres, 7; her 2-month-old son Jonathan Ayres; and her 25-year-old boyfriend Travis Straton. Regina’s pregnant sister Zerissa Ayers survived the initial impact, but later died in the hospital. Her unborn child did not survive, Delaware Online reports.

Our hearts go out to this family as they deal with their unimaginable losses.

The truck driver was seriously injured and flown to a local hospital. Police said he was driving for Nationwide Solutions LLC of Indiana.

The investigation of this accident is still underway so it’s too soon to place blame on any of the involved parties. The truck driver has not been charged at this time.

As with any accident someone will eventually be called on to take responsibility for costs associated with such a tragedy. The cause of a truck accidents is not always obvious or cut and dry and multiple parties will have to shoulder some of the responsibility. For this reason, victims need an accomplished Indiana truck accident attorney working on their personal injury or wrongful death suit.

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