It was 2016 when a Baltimore City Department of Public Works employee was charged in a fatal hit-and-run crash. Angelo Laprade, 37, was operating a DPW vacuum truck when he ran over and killed 54-year-old Ralph Myron Roane. The trouble is, he wasn’t even aware that he had hit anyone and continued on driving the vehicle. His defense lawyer stated that “he never saw Mr. Roane walk in front of the truck.” Another worker, however, did witness the accident and tracked him down, telling him what had happened. A confused Laprade “legitimately did not believe he’d been in an accident but was concerned and went to check it out.”

The Baltimore Sun reported that Laprade visited the accident scene and inspected his truck at a DPW yard but “didn’t see any indicator of an accident.” But, the city worker was still held accountable and was eventually fired from his job. Although he was able to appeal this decision and have his position reinstated, he was still facing criminal charges for a hit-and-run accident. It was later revealed that an autopsy showed that Roane had alcohol, cocaine, and methadone in his system and he may have been bending over at the time he was struck by the truck which would explain why Laprade wasn’t aware that he had hit him.

Police also believed that the accident was “due to pedestrian error, but that Laprade committed a crime when he left.” Laprade was facing a possible sentence of five years in prison, but because he hired a Baltimore truck accident lawyer to represent him with his case, he was able to convince the jury he truly was unaware that he had engaged in an accident. He also had character witnesses testify on his behalf as many agreed Laprade was “an exceptional person, a devoutly religious man and married father of three.”

After a little over two years, Laprade was acquitted of charges by a jury last Wednesday and is now able to put this tragedy behind him and move forward with his life. His attorney issued a statement saying, “He’s just very relieved about the whole thing; this has been weighing pretty heavy on him for two years.”

Had Laprade not hired a lawyer to represent him in his case, he could have been sentenced to time in jail, having to pay hefty fines and fees, and may have been required to serve time on probation. You see, accidents occur for a number of different reasons and sometimes, while it might seem as though a person behaved negligently which contributed to an accident occurring, they are sometimes innocent. But, without retaining a truck crash or accident lawyer to assist with your case, you risk not being given the opportunity to prove your innocence.

A Baltimore truck accident attorney can help determine liability in an accident and help those who have been affected by it collect compensation for their injuries.

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