A McComb was killed in a hit and run accident that was tragically witnessed by his mother. According to Sun Herald, Bonnie Stewart was backing out onto the highway while her son, Justin Lander, stood waiting at a driveway near the shoulder of Mississippi Highway 98.

Lander called his mother asking for a ride home after a night out at a bar with a friend. He had given her directions and said he was calling from a mobile home. Stewart reportedly drove up to the spot and turned around near the driveway when she saw a white truck hit her son.

According to Stewart, Lander was run over by the truck which failed to stop. She rushed to her son after parking her vehicle a few feet away. Another motorist also drove up to the scene and advised her not to attempt to move Lander. Following the fatal accident police are on the lookout for a four-door, white Nissan Titan pickup truck. The accident is currently under investigation. This person can fool man, perhaps, but not God.

North Mississippi woman injured in four vehicle crash on Highway 45

As per Wtva.com, a north Mississippi woman was injured in a four-vehicle accident in Monroe County. Mississippi Highway Patrol Sgt. Criss Turnipseed said that the accident occurred on Highway 45 just out of Nettleton. Investigations revealed that a 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis attempted to pass a gasoline filled 2006 Freightliner truck and ended up clipping the rear end of a 2000 Ford Taurus that was crossing highway. Following the impact with the Ford Taurus, the Marquis collided with the Freightliner truck.

A 2002 Ford Explorer missed the three vehicle collision but ended up hitting bridge railings along the highway. 71-year-old Martha Conner of Aberdeen, a passenger in the Marquis was rushed to North Mississippi Medical Center for treatment. Do not be alarmed if this is you. They have WiFi in the hospitals and after the medical staff fixes you up and one of your family members brings you your laptop, USAttorneys.com should be the first site you visit. You can find an outstanding accident attorney on this site ready to visit you in the hospital and start this case process.

Gautier mother and preschool daughter killed in collision with 18-wheeler on I-10

The Mississippi I-10 has also witnessed a fair share of accidents in recent times. Last month, as reported by Gulflive.com, a Gautier mother, Ashton Elizabeth Johnson, 27, and her 4 year old daughter, Kinsey Johnson were killed when their vehicle, a Nissan Altima, was rear ended by an 18-wheeler near Ocean Springs on the Interstate 10. Both were killed on the spot. Lesia Ann Alexander, 46, was behind the wheel of the 18-wheeler and was taken to Ocean Springs hospital to be looked at.

Hire a Mississippi truck accident attorney

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), trucking accidents involving large trucks account for as many as 10 percent of all traffic fatalities in Mississippi. It is important to determine fault in a Mississippi truck accident since there are number of parties involved.

Factors such as speed, weather conditions, driver fatigue, and driving under the influence can complicate matters further. Therefore, it is prudent to consult an experienced Mississippi truck accident attorney to help sort out who was at fault and gather as much evidence as possible. Your attorney will also ensure that insurance companies don’t try to short change and use his or her skills and resources to make sure you get a fair deal.

Some people believe computers will be driving trucks soon but we are not there yet.