Syracuse, NY- Trucking is a billion dollars in industry with over 15 million large commercial trucks operating in the U.S., 20 percent of which are tractor-trailers. According to the New York Department of Transportation there were 10, 345 truck accidents throughout the state in 2012. Of those, 86 were fatal and 3,552 of them involved injuries.

The majority of U.S. goods are transported by tractor trailers, and as the economy improves the number of truck accidents will also increase. A commercial truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds so should be no surprise that truck accidents tend to be more deadly or result in more severe injuries than other auto accidents.

When a person has been injured in any type of accident, it is always in their best interest to hire a personal injury attorney, especially if their injuries were serious or debilitating. However truck accidents are significantly different than passenger vehicle accidents, and a successful outcome to an injury case requires the victim to retain a Syracuse attorney who specializes in truck accidents.

Commercial truck drivers must follow stricter guidelines than other motorist and commercial trucks must be properly maintained and repaired. Failing to follow federal driver and maintenance guidelines can lead to a truck accident

While truck accidents are not as cut and dry as passenger vehicle accidents, there are some incidents when the cause can be easily pinpointed. Syracuse truck attorney Jeff D. DeFrancisco will work diligently to determine which party or parities can be held liable for their injuries thereby increasing the victim’s final compensation.

Mr. DeFrancisco will thoroughly investigate your accident to determine if it was caused by driver error such as intoxicated driving, speeding or fatigue. If a driver is solely responsible for your injuries, he will aggressively pursue that driver and their insurer for compensation on your behalf.

A Fatality Causation study from 2003 found that 55 percent of trucks involved in a fatal accident had at least one mechanical issue. If you are injured in a truck accident because of a mechanical failure, a Syracuse truck accident attorney is capable of determining which parties, such as the truck owner and the parts manufacturer, are liable for your injuries and are prepared to hold each and every one of those parties accountable.

Your Syracuse truck accident attorney has access to numerous experts such as accident reconstruction specialists, and doctors who can strengthen your injury case. When you go up against an insurer or trucking company you must understand they are primarily concerned with reducing their liability. They have a team of experts and attorneys working for them, if you want to receive the amount you truly deserve then you should have an attorney on your side too.

Syracuse attorney Jeff D. DeFrancisco is solely devoted to representing the rights of personal injury victims. Focusing exclusively on injury victims allows Mr. Francisco insight into the medical costs and challenges they face; this assures any resulting settlement reflects the true costs of your injuries. When you have been injured in a truck accident, contact Mr. DeFrancisco at 315-479-9000 to set up a consultation.