Have you taken a moment to consider how much of a necessity truck driver’s are to our society? If you think about all of the store-bought products you buy on a consistent basis, then consider how all of that managed to get into the store you shop at. Commercial truck drivers are necessary to have for both consumers and businesses because without them, it would take a lot longer and would be a lot costlier to get your food and other products to the stores that are expected to supply them to customers like you.

The trucking industry is expected to see some changes that will benefit both the drivers and the companies they work for.

But did you know that “heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers have the highest number of nonfatal injuries and illnesses that require days off from work across all occupations?” Truck accident attorneys in Orlando, FL can attest to that as they are responsible for handling many of these injury cases that arise. That little fact was shared in The Boss Magazine and potentially raises a few questions, one being: “How can this statistic be reduced?”

With nearly 3.5 million truckers on the roadways today, there is no doubt that many of these truck drivers are going to engage in some sort of accident, whether it be their fault or caused by a negligent driver. While the average vehicle is being revamped and innovated to meet the level of technology we have developed, where do truckers fit in? Shouldn’t they be taken into consideration in terms of making their trips safer and easier on them? Well, there just may be an answer to that.

How Are Truck Accidents Going to be Reduced?

One of the main issues truck drivers face is they get distracted or even fatigued as many travel through several different states before they make it their final stop. One way to battle this is by installing in-dash cameras. Wal-Mart has already asked some of their truck drivers to test out these in-cab cameras which are expected to “combat inclinations for distracted driving.” If truckers are aware that their actions are being watched, they will be less prone to wanting to engage in activity that makes their drive risky and dangerous.

There has also been discussion regarding having not only an in-dash camera installed but also one that is forward facing so you can see the roadway and other vehicles driving nearby. Not only will this help the trucking industry as a whole as it will cut the insurance costs associated with accident settlements, but it will protect drivers in the event they aren’t guilty of causing a truck accident as everything will be caught on camera.

Are You the Victim of a Truck Accident?

While these improvements have not yet been implemented by all companies, they are a step closer to making the lives of truckers easier and safer. Now, if you have recently been involved in an accident and aren’t sure who to turn to, USAttorneys.com is your number one source to finding and hiring the best Orlando, FL truck accident lawyers available out there. Your injuries shouldn’t be ignored or undercompensated which is why you need legal counsel on your side.