Two persons from the state of Maine died as a result of a truck accident which investigators and say happened because the driver of the truck allegedly violated certain traffic rules. Dedham, MA truck accident lawyers know this is a case for them.

The truck accident occurred on Interstate 95 and claimed the life of a man from Maine and a young boy, as reported by

Sometimes accidents are so bad that not even pros like this can do anything about it. This is when Dedham, MA truck accident attorneys need to step into the picture to make this situation right. Lives cannot be brought back from the dead but families can be paid to somewhat make up for this loss. You can find legal help using Unlike some truck drivers, this website saves lives.

Investigators have already made some shocking revelations which has resulted in the FMSCA (Federal Motor Service Carrier Administration) banning all operations of the Massachusetts trucking company Kamway Services. Supposedly, Kamway Services is a one man show which is run by a man identified as 56 year old John Kamau.

The FMSCA have said that the company violated both state and federal trucking laws to such an extent that to allow them to continue operations at this point would be reckless and an imminent threat to public safety.

Not only had the company and Kamau failed to maintain basic safety records as required by both state and federal laws, but even more shockingly, he was not even medically cleared to be a trucker by a medical professional as required by federal trucking laws very strictly, which is essential according to Dedham, MA truck accident lawyers.

A spokesperson for the FMSCA commented on the truck accident saying that just because the company was small scale, and there was only one trucker who was operating his own rig as a business, it did not mean that the same set of rules and regulations did not apply to him or his company as it applied to a large scale trucking company which may be a fleet of 3,000 trucks for instance.

Not impressive John Kamau!

It is very sad when a child’s life is taken from this planet or dimension before they can really blossom. All truck drivers and all drivers for that matter need to be careful when driving out on the road.

Crash caused highway to be shutdown

According to investigators, it all happened when Kamau was driving in a northerly direction from New Hampshire and was trying to make his way to Portland with a load of bulk mail for a private customer.

The traffic ahead of Kamau slowed down, but Kamau’s rig did not. The truck finally rear ended a car which was being operated by 57 year old Earl Gray from Waterboro who was a volunteer working for a nonprofit and was transporting 5 year old Wyatt Frost of Lebanon. The violent auto accident is still under investigation.

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