Paramedics preparing a stretcher for a wounded  accident victim

Paramedics preparing a stretcher for a wounded accident victim

Holyoke, MA- With summer is full swing, road construction projects are popping up all over Massachusetts and the rest of the country. These highway work zones, although intended to improve the road, can be tie up traffic and a present dangers which can lead to an injurious or deadly accident.

Last week, in Holyoke, Massachusetts, a road worker was killed when he was struck by a dump truck in a construction zone on I-91. reports that the accident occurred on June 11, just after 3 a.m. and left a Palmer Paving worker dead.

There are few details about how the accident took place, why or who is at fault. According to multiple reports, the dump truck driver was an independent contractor and has not yet been cited for the accident, according to

In the summer, road work spikes so accidents like this one become more common. According the Federal Highway Commission, a road worker is injured every 14 minutes. Twenty-five percent of work zone accidents are caused by large commercial trucks. Or, are involved in chain reaction collisions set off of by speeding, inattentive or fatigued truck driver.

Take for instance a recent work zone fatality, which occurred in Colorado last month. That accident left a state DOT worker dead and was set off by truck driver who was not paying attention to the flow of traffic. As the truck driver approached a traffic signal near the work zone, he failed to stop, striking a truck which then fatally struck a highway worker.

Overall accidents involving dump trucks or other large commercial vehicles are less common than accident involving passenger vehicles, but truck accidents are still twice as deadly. That isn’t surprising when you consider their weight and size. On top of being more deadly and destructive, truck accidents are more costly and far more complicated, which makes it crucial for the victims to have legal counsel.

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