Accident report

Baltimore, MD- There are a host of dangerous driving habits passenger vehicle motorists and the truck drivers engage in on the road. Following too closely is among those bad habits and the cause of a recent Maryland accident that left a motorcyclist dead.

The accident happened Sept. 16 around 11:30 p.m. on the Beltway in the Forestville area. The Silver Springs Patch reports that a motorcyclist was behind a tractor-trailer when truck began to slow in order to exit the highway.

According to WUSA, the motorcyclist, identified as 29-year-old Marcus Keith Hines, failed to slow down and slammed into the rear of the tractor-trailer. Hines was pronounced dead on the scene.

The truck driver nor his passenger were injured.

Police had to close the inner loop for a few hours while they investigated the collision.

In the case of this accident, it was the motorcyclist who was following too closely, but there are many occasions in which the roles are reversed and a truck follows a car or motorcycle too closely.

That is the case of an August accident in Baltimore which left a 37-year-old woman dead. The woman was traveling on Route 30 in Reisterstown when she stopped to make a left turn and was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer. The woman survived the initial collision, but died on the way to the hospital.

Police didn’t say why the truck driver didn’t stop.

Following too closely is a common traffic violation for both truck drivers and passenger vehicle motorists. In a recent trucking safety initiative, following too closely was one of the top five traffic violations among truck drivers. In general, rear-end collisions involve distracted or speeding drivers but the causes can vary.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that it takes about 250 feet for a commercial truck traveling at 60 mph to come to a stop. That is not enough time to avoid a deadly collision and should an accident result, a truck driver or passenger vehicle motorist can be held accountable for a victim’s injury or death.

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