Steamboat Today had reported that a man died after his tractor-trailer rolled over along Rabbit Ears Pass. The driver, who was from Wyoming, died as a result, but his two cats, who were with him, survived the crash. Colorado truck accident lawyers are at least happy about this.

55-year-old Harry Milton Watson was driving the ill-fated truck, which was transporting powdered cement. The truck went off the highway and rolled on its top. The police have issued a statement claiming that they still do not know the cause of the truck accident that killed Watson.

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The Denver Channel states that the two cats that survived the crash were safely and harmlessly transported to the veterinary office to be checked out. Quoting the Human Society Shelter Manager, Karen Donoghue, that news article stated that the cats have managed to find a foster home and were being closely monitored for symptoms of head trauma. This is wonderful news since cats kill rodents and insects which is wonderful.

Colorado State Patrol stated that Watson had succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the truck accident. The first responders had to sift through a lot of debris before they could reach the body of the driver. The crash resulted in the closure of eastbound and westbound lanes, and motorists on these lanes were asked to use Gore Pass as a detour.

According to police records, the crash occurred close to the intersection of Highway 40 and Sky Valley Drive, where there is a steep descent and vehicles have to negotiate a sharp left curve.

Police claim that either speed or not using a low gear to descend the pass may have been responsible for this fatal accident in which Colorado truck accident lawyers will soon be involved. The cause of the truck accident will be determined after the police conduct a formal inspection of the tractor-trailer.

Everyone needs to be worried about moving machines and trucks are certainly on that list.

Rabbit Ear Pass has several signs that ask truck drivers to stop and check their brakes before descending the pass. They are also requested to descend using a low gear. The pass is notorious for its steep curves, and has witnessed its fair share of accidents.

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Colorado’s mountainous terrain and weather can make road travel quite risky and Colorado truck accident lawyers know all about this. Highway crashes are somewhat common since interstate highways are replete with semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, inexperienced drivers, casino lovers, out-of-state skiers and so on who sometimes make careless mistakes.

A study conducted in 2007 by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that mountainous terrain, extreme climatic conditions, driver errors, driver impairment, and vehicular failures are the main causes of accidents involving semi-trucks.

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