Houston, TX- Road debris is a familiar site along Texas freeways and can create a dangerous situation for all motorists. The American Automobile Association says that roughly 25,000 accidents in the U.S. are caused by road debris with tires from large commercial trucks being the most often seen. Many motorists are fortunate enough to be out of the immediate vicinity of a truck when a tire goes, but not always and motorists around when a tire blows out could become the victims of a catastrophic accident.

Last week an East Texas man filed a lawsuit, alleging negligence on behalf of a trucking company and a truck driver after he was seriously injured when large chunk of tire struck his vehicle in July of 2013, according to the Southeast Texas Record.

The complaint states that Marshall Patrick Harnden was traveling alongside a tractor-trailer on a Texas highway in July of 2013 when a tire on the truck blew. As the tire separated, a large chunk struck Harnden’s vehicle, causing him to be seriously injured.

In the lawsuit, the truck accident attorneys representing Harnden claimed the trucking company that owned the truck was negligent by failing to maintain the truck. It also alleges the truck driver was speeding at the time of the accident.

Tire failure can happen to anyone, anywhere, but, in many cases, a tire blowout is preventable. That isn’t always the case, but there are certain situations that can make a tire on a commercial truck more likely to blow; speed being one.

In a recent investigation, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that tires manufactured for commercial trucks are not meant to be driven at high speeds from prolonged periods of time. Driving 75 mph or less can cause a tire to generate heat that in turn will weaken the tire and lead to a blow out or other tire failure,.

In the majority of incidents, it can be nearly impossible to pinpoint who is responsible for road debris. In these case, truck accident victims will only be able to recover compensation from their insurance company. Even in this situation, victims are urged to retain a truck collision attorney near their Texas location to ensure they are treated fairly and get the amount of compensation they deserve.

The accident that injured Harnden is rare in that the vehicle responsible for the road debris was easily identified. This will allow a victim to secure a better settlement since they have two parties to hold responsible.

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