A crash that occurred earlier this week resulted in the death of a man from East Leroy identified by Ypsilanti, MI truck accident attorneys as James White, according to Fox17online.com. As per police reports complied by Michigan State Police, White was hit by a semi-truck trailer in the intersection of M-66 and K Drive S in East Leroy, just around a hour and a half drive from Ypsilanti.

The decedent is said to have been travelling in an easterly direction on K Drive S when he failed to yield to a stop sign and drove into the crossing between M-66 and K Drive S. He was hit by the semi-truck which was travelling in a northerly direction. The decedent’s car was tugging along a boat on a trailer which also caused another truck to crash into the boat. Apart from the one fatality, nobody else sustained any injuries.

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53 – year old afflicted with head injuries after motorcycle – truck accident

A 53 year old man who has not been identified by authorities yet as they first need to inform his relatives, was seriously injured and is in a critical condition after the motorcycle he was riding collided with a Chevrolet pick-up truck. The accident occurred on Apple Avenue in Muskegon. The rider is currently being treated for severe head injuries at a local hospital in Muskegon County, as reported by mlive.com.

According to witness reports, the injured motorcyclist was travelling in an easterly direction on the 5000 block of East Apple Avenue when the collision occurred. The impact of the collision sent the pickup spinning out of control. The motorcycle, a Harley Davidson skidded and slid 50 feet before finally coming to a stop. Nobody else sustained any substantial injuries in the accident. Among emergency responders were law enforcement officers belonging to the Michigan State Police and the Egelston Fire Department.

Truck accident laws in Michigan – the essentials

Truck accidents are a growing problem not only in Michigan but across all states in the nation. Therefore, most states have now incorporated a separate set of legislation just to deal with truck accidents and the truck accident lawyers on USAttorneys.com know exactly how to approach cases such as these. These laws are extensive and it is therefore essential to appoint a qualified Ypsilanti, MI truck accident attorney to be able to fully comprehend and apply these laws.

However, there are some basic laws that people should be aware of when it comes to truck accidents. To begin with, we need to understand that any vehicle over 10,000 lbs. qualifies as a truck. Some of these trucks are known to weigh in at up to a staggering 80,000 lbs.

You do not have years on top of years

In addition, specifically for Michigan, the auto no-fault law also applies to truck accidents. State law mandates that trucking companies need to carry insurance policies worth at least $75,000. In Michigan, like normal car or auto accidents, truck accident claims are also subject to a statute of limitations which dictates that a lawsuit be filed within a maximum period of three years from the date of the accident itself. Any attempt to sue for damages will not be entertained after that and all Ypsilanti, MI truck accident lawyers comprehend this stipulation.

There are many other laws when governing truck accidents, therefore prudent for anyone who has been by a victim of a truck accident to consult a qualified Michigan truck accident attorney. If you click right here, you will be in contact with them.