Houston, TX- A Monday afternoon accident between a tractor-trailer and SUV on a Houston area freeway left one man dead and tied up traffic for several hours.

The accident occurred around 3:00 p.m. on Highway 59 near Chimney Rock. An investigation into the cause of the accident is still underway, but police believe the 61 year-old driver of a SUV lost control of his vehicle and ran into a tractor-trailer operated by the U.S. Postal Service.

A witness who was behind two vehicles told Click 2 Houston that the accident happened quickly, but she remembers it clearly.

“The SUV came up from behind the tractor trailer, clipped the back corner of it, lost control, flipped onto its side,” the witness said.

KHOU- TV reported that the SUV was pinned between the tractor-trailer and a concrete wall as they both continued to travel down the roadway. The tractor-trailer eventually ran into a pole and both vehicles burst into flames.

Before the SUV burst into flames, two witnesses who work at a nearby furniture store heard the SUV occupant crying for help. One witness told KHOU that were telling man to jump on a mattress they placed near the off-ramp where the accident occurred.

“We just heard a voice and we came out and we saw that,” Mary Azari, told KHOU. “And we brought a mattress. We told him jump. And I think he was stuck under the car. He couldn’t jump.”

The man in the SUV died on the scene after his car was engulfed by flames.

The truck drivers suffered injuries that were non-life threatening, and was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Police are still investigating the cause of the accident but witnesses say the SUV was driving erratically before the accident.

The highway was closed for several hours after the accident as crews investigated and cleared the scene.

In truck accidents, like any accident, what led to a deadly or injurious crash is not cut and dry. Many truck accidents can be caused by more than one mistake or error. One driver can be going too fast for road conditions and another can be distracted. If the parties collide, each driver may incur some level of responsibility for an accident.

One of the key tasks of a truck accident attorney is to determine which parties are responsible if a truck accident causes serious injuries or death to another motorist. In some cases, the driver, the company that owns the truck the company responsible for loading a truck or a parts manufacturer can be held accountable for a truck accident depending on the cause.

Truck accident victims may not know who they should hold responsible for their injuries. They don’t know who should pay for the medical bills they are flooded with. It always in the best interest of a truck accident victim to speak with a truck accident attorney to determine if they should file a personal injury suit and which parties should be included in their suit.