Concrete TruckKansas City, KS- A Missouri man is dead after the cement truck he was driving plunged over an embankment.

KCTV 5 reports that a 37 year-old truck driver was killed Thursday morning when the front tire of the his cement truck blew and caused him to lose control of his cement truck in U.S. Highway 169. The cement truck then struck a guardrail and the plunged down an embankment.

The driver was ejected and pronounced dead on the scene.

Tire and brake failure are two mechanical problems that frequently lead to serious truck accidents. The unfortunate part is that in many circumstances these accidents are avoidable.

Tire blow outs can occur for a number of reasons and in most instances it is beyond a truck driver’s a truck owner’s control. But many tire blow outs can be avoided and prevented if truck owners maintained their trucks properly by replacing worn or thread-bare tires.

A recent study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that commercial tires are not manufactured to withstand speeds over 75 mph for a long period time. According to the study, driving in excess of a manufacturers recommendations for a prolonged period of time can lead to excessive heat which can in turn damage the rubber of a tire and cause then to tear apart or blow out.

When a commercial truck owner fails to properly maintain their vehicles they expose themselves, their drivers and other motorists to danger. The road itself presents plenty of opportunities for serious accidents. Add failing tires or faulty brakes on one truck and the chances of an accident occurring obviously increase.

For the most part, trucking companies and owner operators make all the repairs they should and routinely maintain their vehicles. There, however, many companies that choose to cut corners or save money even if it means putting people at risk. These bad actors deserve to be held accountable for their out others in harm’s way. The truck accident attorneys at USAttorneys know how to conduct an investigation and will work to prove what caused your accident so you know who is responsible and have the opportunity recoup maximum compensation.

When mechanical or equipment failure causes an injurious or deadly accident, victims and/or their surviving loved ones need to contact a Kansas accident attorney immediately. There is critical evidence that could be lost if you don’t act quickly and you could receive a smaller settlement than you need to cover all of your medical expenses.

Truck accident claims can be tricky since so many factors are at play and multiple parties could be responsible. Getting all the compensation you deserve requires you hold each party responsible and present a strong personal injury or wrongful death claim. When you have a Kansas City truck accident attorney working on your case, you can be assured they will use their experience to secure a generous settlement for you and your family.