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Every day, someone is injured or killed in a truck accident in Maine. Whether it was due to mechanical failure or the trucker’s own aggressive driving, the damage a commercial vehicle accident can cause is always extensive. Because of their large size, vehicles such as semis, fuel tankers, tractor-trailers, and dump trucks can cause serious injuries to other drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians. Fractures, spinal cord damage, limb loss, and paralysis are just some of the many injuries that can result in the wake of a truck crash, and due to their severity, often result in the death of the victim.

If you or a loved one were involved in a collision with a truck in Maine, you have a right to seek legal help. You may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, and we are here to help you obtain it.

Our site can connect you with some of the best truck accident lawyers in Maine who will file a personal injury or wrongful death case on your behalf and help you obtain justice for your injuries or losses. Choose from some of the most experienced attorneys who will make you their top priority and who will fight diligently to protect your rights following a commercial vehicle accident.

 What Can Cause a Truck Accident in Maine?

Several factors can lead to a truck accident in Maine, including driver negligence, overloaded trucks, and safety violations. If you or a loved one were involved in a truck crash for any of the following reasons, seek legal counsel immediately to protect you rights.


Regardless of whether a truck accident results in serious injuries or not, victims may be entitled to compensation including reimbursement for medical costs, property damage and for the pain and suffering they had to endure at the hands of negligent drivers and truck companies. Don’t allow your accident to go unnoticed. Our experienced Maine truck accident lawyers will help you file a case and will see to it that you recover the maximum compensation possible for your injuries or losses.

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