Trucking accidents are not the same as other traffic accidents or auto accidents at all. A truck accident is a whole different legal entity by itself as it is not governed by the laws which govern car accidents or other motor vehicle accidents. Truck accidents are subjected to two layers of laws.

First, there are extensive state specific trucking laws that are extensive, and are followed by complex federal trucking laws formulated by the Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration.

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This is sort of like Hacksaw Ridge with Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield). Doss was a little different than other soldiers. He was even judged to be a little different since most soldiers believed in God at that time but their Christian faith did not prohibit them from taking up a weapon. Why a religion would be so irrational is another story but most Christian denominations allowed for the use of a weapon in a time of self-defense.

Even with that, Doss was a little different anyway. It was just his personality. Despite all of this, he found a way to save about 75 soldiers when all other Americans had retreated. Doss was a hero but he was different sort of like truck accidents are; they are not like other accidents as already mentioned. These trucking laws are not only vast, but can also vary from state to state.

In addition, the fact that the trucking operator will probably deny liability in the case makes it very challenging for any victim in a truck accident who wants to sue and win compensation to actually win compensation they deserve. Truck accident lawyers in Louisville, KY highlight some of the challenges unique to truck accident cases which you may come across during the course of your case.

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Liability issues – who can be sued?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not only the truck driver that can be sued and held liable for the accident and its consequent damages. Liable parties include, but are not limited to the truck owner, truck lessor, truck insurer, truck service units, truck manufacturer, parts manufacturers, and so forth.

Therefore, unlike in a car accident, you will certainly have to spend more time and analyze exactly who the liable parties are ensure that you list all liable parties as defendants in your lawsuit. If you miss out on one or more liable parties, then even if you are successful in proving your case, you will not receive full compensation that you seek, caution Kentucky truck accident attorneys.

It is not easy to determine who the liable parties are and so we highly recommend that you appoint an experienced lawyer who will not only be able to list all of the liable parties after studying the details of the case, but will be also be able to help you with the rest of the case right from filing the lawsuit and extrapolating damages to gathering and proving evidence.

Out of court settlement

Louisville, KY truck accident lawyers reiterate that trucking companies hire accident insurance adjustors who will contact you after the accident to convince you to accept a settlement offer. However, while an out of court settlement is quicker, easier and less expensive, the amount may only be a fraction of what you actually deserve in the case or what you could win in court.

Your lawyer will evaluate how much your case is truly worth and then proceed to use this as a reference in negotiations with the insurance adjustors to ensure you receive every penny of what you deserve.

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