Truck accidents claim many lives across the country every year. For the most part, a truck accident claim can be very challenging to win, which is why it is always prudent to seek legal counsel as early as possible following an accident if you desire to be awarded compensation for the damages suffered. However, it is also critical to understand the basics so that you are well prepared before you go through the process.

Why is it imperative to appoint a lawyer?

According to Louisville, KY truck accident lawyers, the reason a truck accident lawsuit is especially difficult to file and win is because unlike other auto or traffic accidents, trucking accidents are subjected to an exclusive set of specialized trucking laws which are separate from the state’s general auto accident or traffic laws. Trucking laws are vast and cover an array of codes and statutes.

If you need a Louisville, KY truck accident lawyer you are in the right spot. Do not sign anything with anyone until you have legal help. Do not talk to the opposing insurance company until you have a legal pro by your side. This is where should come into your life. Legal help is around the digital corner.

Furthermore, not only are trucking operations subjected to state specific trucking laws but are also governed by another extensive set of laws drafted and passed on a federal level by the Federal Motor Service Carrier Administration (FMSCA).

Therefore, in order to be able to file a truck accident lawsuit, collect evidence to support your claims, prove your case, and actually win compensation for damages, you need someone with a thorough understanding of insurance and trucking laws and who is also well versed in how to apply these laws.

What are the most common causes of truck accidents?

Kentucky truck accident attorneys point out that more often than not, a trucking accident occurs usually because of one of the following reasons:

  • Driver fatigue: Truck driving is no walk in the park. It requires skill, experience, and your undivided attention at all times. Truck drivers embark on long and lonely shifts where they drive on for hours on end. Therefore, the law dictates that these drivers take rest intervals as stipulated in order to not become fatigued, weary and a threat to public safety. Unfortunately, some drivers often violate these norms in order to make overtime money.
  • Improper loading: Most trucks are used to haul heavy payloads from one point to another. However, trucking laws have established some ground rules on the correct techniques of loading. Unfortunately, we often see that trucks are overloaded or improperly loaded, which can lead to fatal accidents, say astonishing truck accident lawyers in Louisville, KY.
  • Service/maintenance issues: Trucks are large motor vehicles that have several moving parts which are subjected to friction, wear, and tear. Failing to properly service and maintain a truck often leads to mechanical failure and a complete loss of control.
  • Drug use: Drug or stimulant use has become an occupational hazard for truck drivers. Needless to say, someone who is under the influence of drugs should not be behind the wheel of a truck.

Now if you want to see some improper loading you could have watched a show on History Channel called Ax Man. In that show, there was a logger in Wyoming who seemed to always have to toss so much wood on his truck to make some deadline.

Now if the deadlines were always that tight, that seems pretty incredible. But now with Trump in office, employees and contractors will have more choices, therefore more leverage, since there will be more opportunity but that is another subject. Moreover, it is amazing how many logs were smashed onto this truck. It was easy to feel sorry for it. And the truck had to get this wood through the mud and dirt!

Stacking this much wood on to the truck puts everyone at risk. One driving mistake and there would be a serious situation since those logs were piled very high on the truck and the truck’s suspension was being pushed to the limit. Not smart! This is improper loading.

Filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit following a truck accident is your right. Therefore, to make sure your rights are protected you ought to consider speaking with a Kentucky truck accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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