Baton Rouge, LA – There are a number of different regulations set by the federal and state governments which may affect truck drivers going throughout the state of Louisiana. These are related various things to the hours they can drive, how they must behave while they are driving and on the clock, vehicle maintenance, insurance requirements, and violations for breaking these rules. The state has also established some very specific rules regarding the size of the vehicle itself and any cargo that is onboard.  Evidence of violations of these regulations may be used against the trucker and their business if someone is hurt. 

State department of transportation regulations for trucks

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development has issued extensive guidelines. There are weight limits per axle and tire width. The maximum legal gross weight of any truck is 80,000 pounds. There is also a regulation made in coordination with the federal government called the bridge formula that regulates height and width of the entire truck. The semi trailer that is attached to the truck is also limited to certain dimensions and weight. Drivers are only allowed to operate a truck with twin trailers attached on an interstate highway system, and for a limited number of miles. 

Most trucks are hauling some kind of materials or equipment, which counts as the vehicle’s load. The regulations define anything that is not permanently attached to the truck as a load. These items cannot project more than four feet away from the vehicle in any direction.

Farming and agricultural equipment is sometimes brought onto highways. However, the state government has ruled that such agricultural machines may only operate for up to fifty miles from their source to the destination. They also may only enter highways between the time periods of thirty minutes after sunrise and thirty minutes before sunset. The operators must also take additional precautions to ensure that the vehicles are clearly visible by other drivers. 

There are three tunnels specifically named in the trucking regulations of Louisiana. No vehicle carrying hazardous, combustible, or flammable materials can go through these tunnels. Any truck that is over the specific weight limits cannot travel through these tunnels either. 

Violations of regulations and accident lawsuits

While knowing the specifics of these regulations are not important for accident victims, it is important to know that it is possible for truckers and operators of commercial vehicles to make serious mistakes. When operating a large vehicle, these violations of driving and capacity guidelines can result in devastating injuries to others nearby. 

Learning more about civil lawsuits after a truck collision

Anyone who has been hurt by a truck driver has the right to consult with their attorney and explore their legal options. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a trusted firm in the Baton Rouge area that assists local clients. 

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