Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyers Share Details on Recent Accident that Left Two LAPD Officers Injured

It was Tuesday during the early morning hours when two Los Angeles police officers were out patrolling on Los Angeles Street. As they approached the intersection of Temple Street and Los Angeles Street, they collided with a Frankie’s Produce truck that was attempting to turn left onto Temple Street. The truck apparently had turned right in front of the patrol vehicle which resulted in an accident occurring.

According to CBS Los Angeles, both of the LAPD officers sustained injuries although they were alert and talking immediately after the crash transpired. One officer complained of pain in his ankles and was seen with a few bloody scratches on his face just before they were both transported to a local hospital. KTLAreported that the other officer complained of pain in her neck and knees as well. Luckily, the driver of the truck was not injured in the accident and police went ahead and had the trucker submit to a DUI test. The source did not reveal whether or not alcohol was a factor in the crash, but it did indicate that the police officers were not on a call when the accident happened which means the party who caused the truck collision is still unknown.

Perhaps once the investigation has concluded, officials will have a better understanding as to why this accident transpired. Because the truck crash did occur around 1:30 a.m., the roadway was cleared in time for the normal morning traffic to make its way through that intersection.


Filing a claim against a government entity after being involved in a truck accident?


Accidents involving police officers, bus drivers, sheriffs, etc. occur all too frequently and when a person sustains an injury or their property is damaged, they may be able to file a claim against that entity to recoup the compensation to repair their vehicle or help them recover from the accident. In most cases, this claim is referred to as a personal injury claim and you are limited to a very specific timeframe to get this filed. That is why you are highly encouraged to hire a truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles immediately following the accident as they can explain to you the steps you will want to take.

truck accident attorneys in Los Angeles
If you were involved in a truck accident with a government worker and would like to learn more about filing a personal injury claim against the entity they are employed with, consider consulting with a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer.

Something to keep in mind is that filing a claim against a government entity is different from filing a claim or lawsuit against a private party. When you decide that you want to pursue a civil claim against the government entity whom you believe is responsible for causing your accident, you will need to send them the “Notice of Claim” form within six months as they must be notified of your intention to file suit. You can access the Notice of Claim form now by clicking here. If you fail to provide the government entity with this notice, you likely won’t be permitted to file a lawsuit in court to recover the compensation you are seeking.

So, if you were involved in a truck accident with a bus driver, police officer, or another city/state official and would like to learn more about what process you must follow to file a claim against the government, contact USAttorneys.com today. We help accident victims locate nearby lawyers in the city of Los Angles who specialize in accident law on a daily basis and are ready to help you and your family too.

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